Why cats meow loudly at night: causes of "concerts

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Why cats meow loudly at night: causes of ''concerts

Nightly "concerts" with loud meowing are a legendary feature of domestic cats, which can make the owner angry even with his beloved fluffy. But veterinarians and felinologists advise not to throw a slipper at a noisy animal, but to pay attention to this habit. Its sudden appearance or change of behavior pattern may indicate problems with the health of the animal.

OBOZREVATEL asked why cats can arrange "singing" at night. And how this can be helped to ensure peace and harmony in the family.

A cat is a nocturnal animal.

No matter how you turn it, but you can't win against nature. Evolution has created cats as nocturnal predators, so the dark time of day is the best time for their activity because during this time it is easier to catch their favorite prey - small rodents. Purrs like evening twilight and pre-dawn most of all. Hence, they have a habit of waking up their owners at five in the morning. Young cats are the most active at night.

An animal is bored.

A cat that lives with people adapts to constant contact, and when its owner or owners lie aimlessly for several hours and pay no attention to it, this can cause resentment. The pet may start to draw attention to itself with its voice or certain actions, such as persistently touching a person with its paw until that person wakes up. This shows that the pet wants to play with you more than anything else. The best way to combat this behavior is to ignore it. In time the cat will realize that this will not work.

The cat has health problems.

Not very often, but nocturnal noises with loud meowing may be a sign of problems, for example with a cat's thyroid or kidneys. So if your pet has started to meow at night, and if it has never done so before, take it to the vet for a checkup. Especially if the meowing is accompanied by restless behavior.

The cat is getting older.

Just like humans, the elderly are prone to neurological and cognitive disorders. There is even such a diagnosis as cognitive dysfunction syndrome in cats. Your pet or pet may have just started confusing the time of day because of age.

The pet is stressed out.

Remember those legendary memes where cats demand to open their door and then won't go in? This behavior provokes the love of these animals to control their entire territory at once, which is impossible when part of it is isolated by a door. This can cause the cat a palpable amount of stress, which he will begin to show through his vocalizations. So, if your fluffy cat wakes you up at night to let him out, it may be a good idea to just install cat doors all over the place so he can move freely around the apartment without disturbing you.

An un-neutered animal has entered its mating season

This problem can occur with owners of animals that have not been spayed. Once they enter the mating season, they will call out to their mate to breed with screams. They choose nighttime because of their natural activity cycles. Cats can be especially noisy at this. Therefore, if you are not planning to breed cats, it is better to spay your pet. It will prolong his life at the same time.

What to do to pacify a noisy cat

It's impossible to persuade a cat to go to bed in the evening and not wake up before the alarm clock. Such a trick doesn't work with every person. Therefore it is better to act cunningly, focusing on the habits of the animal. For example, you can arrange crazy games before bedtime that will both please and wear the cat down and he will sleep peacefully all night after it. Late supper can also prevent nightly "concerts" because a full cat will not cry out for food. I guess. Well, and quite an extreme option is to make the purrfect cat give himself a grueling grooming session. Some owners of especially noisy cats wash their tails (and only the tail) overnight. The animal begins to lick it long and hard to get rid of the unpleasant water, gets tired, and falls asleep. But it's still a tip hack for extreme cases.

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