Why bay leaves are hung on the front door and placed under the doormat: you will be surprised

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Laurel is one of the oldest amulets

You can never guess what kind of energy you'll let into your home with an unexpected visitor or bring with you when you return from somewhere else. Luckily, you can cleanse your home of negative influences. And one of the most popular culinary spices, bay leaf, can help with this.

According to Sante Plus, this plant has long been considered magical, symbolizing protection, wisdom, and triumph. No wonder the ancient Greeks used to decorate the head of the winner of a battle or sporting event with a laurel wreath. Here are some tips on how to use its properties at home.

Hang it near the door

A bunch of bay leaves tied with a string is considered one of the oldest home amulets. It can be attached directly to the door, above it, or hung on the door handle. Alternatively, it can be a whole wreath. It is believed that such a talisman will not allow any negative to enter your home. Instead, it will keep all the positive inside. To enhance the effect of the amulet, you can put a few leaves under the door mat.

Set it on fire to cleanse the energy of the room

A dry bay leaf set on fire expels all negativity from the room. This ritual also brings good luck and prosperity. Inhaling bay leaf smoke will also help you relax and relieve stress. Just put a few leaves in a heat-resistant container, close the windows and doors in the room you want to cleanse, and set fire to the bay. While it burns, breathe the smoke freely. But make sure there is not too much of it. That is why take several small leaves or one large one for the ritual.

Make an anti-stress bath with it

Adding bay water to the bath you bathe in will help you relax after a hard day. Take a liter of water and a dozen leaves. Boil the leaves in the water. This will fill your kitchen with a pleasant aroma that also has protective properties. Just add this broth to your bath and lie in it for a while.

Put under the pillow for better sleep

If you are having trouble sleeping, try using bay leaves to help you get rid of them. Put it under your pillow or under the bed. This will drive away bad energy from your sleeping space and allow you to get a good night's sleep. It is also believed to lure happy dreams and ensure a good mood upon waking.

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