Who can't be a child's godparents: what everyone should remember

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The baptism of a child

Baptism is an important event in the life of every child because it is on this day that they receive spiritual parents who will be responsible for their spiritual upbringing. However, not everyone can become a godparent.

According to church rules and signs, there are certain restrictions on who can be taken as godparents, OBOZ.UA was told.

"Baptism happens only once in a lifetime, so it should be approached responsibly. Godparents should be people who sincerely love your child and are ready to take responsibility for him or her. Therefore, do not choose godparents who are too young. The godmother should be at least 14 years old, and the father should be 15.

In addition, when choosing your child's spiritual advisors, pay attention to their status and occupation.

Who is forbidden to be godparents?

Monks and nuns

Their lives are dedicated to serving God, so they cannot be responsible for their godchild.

Husband and wife

Married couples cannot become godparents because the church forbids godparents to marry.

People with mental disorders

People who need help cannot be responsible for the spiritual upbringing of a child.

The child's parents

The child's parents are already fully responsible for the child.

However, there are a few more rules that have no church basis, so they do not have to be followed.

For example, Christianity does not forbid an unmarried woman or an unmarried man to be a child's godmother. Also, the church has no rules that a pregnant woman cannot be baptized.

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