Who should not be a bridesmaid at a wedding: folk signs and prohibitions

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How to choose the right bridesmaid

A wedding is one of the most important events in a person's life. There are many signs and prohibitions associated with this day because people want to do everything possible to make their future family life happy and cloudless. Among these signs are those related to the choice of bridesmaids.

It is believed that if you make the wrong choice, a bridesmaid can bring bad luck to a young couple. Therefore, OBOZ.UA has collected the most common signs and prohibitions that will protect your wedding and marriage from failures.

The work of a maid of honor is not always visible, but she plays an important role in the wedding and has many important responsibilities. For example, she has to help organize the bachelorette party, choose a dress together with the bride, make sure that the groom doesn't see his dressed-up beloved before the wedding, and much more. That's why choosing a bridesmaid is an incredibly responsible task. Even if you are not a superstitious person, it is better not to tempt fate on such a crucial day and follow certain rules and prohibitions.

Marital status

According to popular beliefs, you should choose an unmarried, preferably single woman as your maid of honor.

You should not call people who are in a relationship as your friend or mate. The husband and wife who will be witnesses at the wedding will give their happiness to the newlyweds and become unhappy.

In no case should a woman who is a widow be invited as a bridesmaid. It is believed that she can bring misfortune and bad luck to the bride's life.

It is also not recommended to choose a divorced friend, because her negative experience can negatively affect the bride's future family life.

Family ties

You should not take as a bridesmaid a girl with whom the bride is related. It should not be a sister, cousin, or third cousin. The maid of honor should be an independent person who can support the bride and help her on this important day.

In addition, according to ancient signs, a sister who walks ahead of the bride can "block" her path to a happy marriage.


The bridesmaid should be at least one day younger than the bride. This is because she symbolizes youth, beauty, and purity. If the girl is older, it can shorten the duration of the newlyweds' marriage.

Dress color

The bridesmaid should not be dressed in black or white. Black symbolizes mourning, and white is the color of the bride. A good choice would be gold, pink or green.

Best men at the wedding

Protection against the evil eye

The maid of honor and the bridesmaids should attach pins to the wedding clothes of the newlyweds. This should be done immediately after leaving the house just before the wedding. It is believed that this will bring good luck and success to the couple and help protect the young family from the evil eye and negative energy.

After the ceremony, the maid of honor should take the towels and glasses with her, as they can be used to bring about spoilage or evil eye on the newlyweds.

In addition, the best man should remember a few other things:

  • Instead of "bitter," he should shout "sweet."
  • The bridesmaid should take a white thread with her to string rings on them if they fall to the ground;
  • Finally, she should make sure that the newlyweds do not cross the road.

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