Which dogs can't live without their owners: top breeds that need care

Dogs need care and nurturing

All pets require attention and care. But some breeds of dogs are unable to live happily without an owner and may even die.

So if you spend a lot of time at work and will not be able to pay enough attention to your pet, it is better not to get one. OBOZREVATEL learned what breeds of dogs can not survive without the care of the owner.

Neapolitan Mastiff

This breed of dog will protect your home safely. Mastiffs are loyal and brave, but genetically they have respiratory and joint problems. The dogs need special care and nurturing. They cannot survive without regular checkups at the vet and help from humans.



These cute pet dogs are made for play, care and affection. They are especially funny when they sleep. Pugs snore, sniffle and may even grunt.

Pugs have a hard time tolerating heat, as they have problems with thermoregulation. In summer it is better for them to be less exposed to the sun, and in winter they should be dressed warmer.

If you have chosen such a dog, then be prepared that it can show jealousy. But in general, pugs are kind and loving.


English Bulldog

This breed of dog will suit people who lead a measured and quiet lifestyle. Bulldog does not require long walks and physical exertion, because he is overweight, which prevents him from moving.

The dog very badly tolerates heat and frost, he often has heat strokes, so the pet needs constant care.


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