Where to vacation in Cyprus in 2023: 5 best resorts

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Where to vacation in Cyprus in 2023: 5 best resorts

The third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea attracts tourists with its exotic views, ancient wineries, and plenty of attractions. At its center is the town of Paphos, where, according to legends, Aphrodite was born. We do not know whether it is true or not, but such beauty is as if really created by the gods themselves.

Cyprus has done everything possible to attract the attention of foreigners. There are conditions for practicing golf, diving, sailing, paragliding, rock climbing, and fishing. And the local beaches are sure to leave no holidaymaker indifferent.

The climate on the island is mainly subtropical with very hot and dry summers and mild winters with lots of rain. The best time for a holiday in Cyprus is from April to October. The rest of the time it rains constantly.

Consider in detail the best resorts in the exotic country.


Ayia Napa

If you prefer a beach vacation, then this resort is for you. It is not famous for a lot of attractions, but it has one of the most beautiful coastlines on the entire island.

Ayia Napa is a favorite place for young people. There are hundreds of nightclubs, bars, entertainment centers, most of which are open 24 hours a day. And there are dozens of festivals, which bring people from different countries.

This resort is also suitable for family holidays. There are many attractions that attract the attention of children. In particular, there is a sea life museum and a thematic water park WaterWorld, and there is a large amusement park with many rides.

Also note the Folk Museum, which has a huge collection of archaeological finds and weapons. Nearby is the oldest landmark of the resort - a well-preserved monastery from the 15th century.



Limassol is another resort for lovers of active and fun holidays. Like in Ayia Napa, there are constantly some festivals, celebrations, and festivals, the scope of which amazes tourists. Even the rainy season does not stop the tourists, and the fun lasts all year round.

It is worth noting that Limassol is one of the largest centers of wine-making in Cyprus. Foreigners must visit the local vineyards and wineries. Their owners are happy to welcome tourists and treat them to their alcoholic beverages.

Also in the city, you will find a lot of interesting sights. In particular do not miss the old fortress, which now houses the Medieval Museum, the Castle of Limassol, the local art gallery, the Bishop's Palace, the Cat Monastery of St. Nicholas, and the sanctuary of Apollo.

And the local beaches, in general, are a separate topic, which can be talked about for hours. Tourists believe that the sand at this resort has healing properties. Some even add it to cosmetics, making natural scrubs.



Here we have reached the birthplace of Aphrodite. No wonder that the ancient Greeks chose this city for her, because it is really incredibly beautiful, just like the goddess herself.

At the time of the ancient Romans Pafos was the capital of Cyprus. That is why there are sights at almost every step: tombs, museums, theater Odeon, churches of Agia Kariaki, and St. Paraskeva.

The bay of Aphrodite requires special attention. According to legends its waters can give you eternal beauty and youth. Therefore, getting here is not so easy, because the crowds of tourists simply fill the location from morning till night.

Paphos - a quiet enough city, which chooses to travel for couples. There are practically no noisy parties, and the city itself is filled with an atmosphere of peace and quiet.



This resort combines everything from bustling clubs to quiet places hidden from prying eyes. The beaches here are probably the best on the island. And for diving are good enough conditions.

However, people come here not because of good nature, white sand, or clear water. The city is famous for its many casinos and gambling houses. Be careful, because here you can leave all the money.

There are not many sights in Kyrenia, so you can see them literally in 1-2 days. This is primarily an ancient fortress of the VII century, built in the Byzantine style, the Greek bell tower, a mosque, and an old neighborhood with houses unusual for foreigners.



This resort is chosen by those tourists who seek a break from the hustle and bustle. Here you will not find a large number of entertainment centers or bars around the clock. Latchi is not about that.

This is a city with beautiful nature, quiet streets, where there are almost no cars, hospitable people, and small markets with fresh fruit and fish. People come here to relax on the beaches and gain energy.

Latchi is a fishing town. There is a harbor with a berth for yachts, which can be rented for relatively small money. Or you can book an excursion and go to the Blue Lagoon. Swimming in these waters is a pleasure.


Holidays in Cyprus are a great opportunity to give yourself a dream vacation, swimming in warm water and sunbathing, lying on a white beach.

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