When to plant onions and how to prepare the soil for a better harvest

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The vegetable will yield both in the garden and at home on the windowsill

Onion is a vegetable that produces several different harvests. In the spring, you can start harvesting leaves for salads and soups, and in the fall, the plant produces bulbs, a valuable source of vitamins. However, to get a good harvest, you need to plant onions in time.

OBOZREVATEL tells you when to plant onions and how to take care of them.

When and how to plant onions

The vegetable should be transferred to the open ground when the night frosts end. This usually happens by early April. You should choose a part of the garden that is well-lit by the sun as onions love warmth and light. It will be good if potatoes, tomatoes or melon grew in this place before. Planting onions in the same place year after year can deplete the soil.

To prepare the soil, you need to dig it up and fertilize it with manure or compost at the rate of 5 kg per 1 square meter. You can also add potash or phosphorus fertilizers in the proportion of 30 g per 1 square meter.

How to prepare the bulbs for planting

It is recommended to leave the onion seedlings in a warm place overnight to "wake them up". To protect the future crop from diseases, it is recommended to immerse the bulbs in a solution of potassium permanganate for 30 minutes. After this soaking, the seed must be dried.

When sowing onions, it is also important to take into account the ripening time of the selected variety. You can focus on the following indicators:

  • onions - 90-100 days;
  • mid-season - 100-120 days;
  • late - more than 120 days;
  • red - 100-120 days;

How to plant onions

Planting a vegetable in the open ground and in a pot on a windowsill is done in a slightly different way. For the garden, you need to make holes 2-3 cm deep at a distance of 10 cm from each other. One bulb is planted in one hole. It should be lightly pressed into the ground. Cover the seedlings with a layer of soil 1-2 cm thick. Seedlings should appear in 1-2 weeks (the germination rate depends on how warm the weather is).

At home, you can grow green onions by dipping the vegetable with its roots in a glass of water. You can also dig it into the ground to a shallow depth so that most of the bulb is on the surface. When grown in the ground, the vegetable should be watered with a small amount of water every few days.

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