When to mow the lawn for the last time before winter: the ideal time has been named

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When to mow your lawn for the last time before winter. Source: Pexels

Fall temperatures slow down grass growth, but that doesn't mean you don't need to mow your lawn anymore. It is important to do it before the first frost so that the grass is filled with nutrients.

OBOZ.UA has collected tips that will help you cope with this. Determining the right time and height of the last mowing before the start of winter is an important part of lawn care.

Homeowners make mistakes and often cut the grass in the fall because they think that this way the grass will be able to better survive sharp temperature fluctuations. But don't get carried away with this process, the main task in the fall is to create all the conditions to protect the roots from the winter cold and ensure healthy growth next spring.

The exact time of the last mowing before winter depends on the weather conditions. Most grass species tend to go dormant for the winter when temperatures consistently drop below 10 degrees Celsius.

Lowering the temperature and slowing down growth is a "natural" way to show that the lawn is preparing for dormancy and is the most important sign that it is time for the last mowing before winter. Therefore, when you see the temperature dropping day by day, you need to mow your lawn.

The transition from fall to winter is a critical period for plants, and the care that is taken during this time can affect how healthy the lawn will start growing again in the spring. Avoid cutting the grass too short, leaving it up to 7 centimeters long.

Start mowing the grass only when it is dry, because a wet lawn can damage the lawn mower.

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