What zodiac signs are the most incompatible: the opinion of astrologers

Incompatible zodiac signs

Astrologers warn that it is difficult for some signs to build harmonious relationships due to natural incompatibility of characters. You can make too much effort to establish relationships, but life will be like an emotional swing.

When you have neither the strength nor the patience to continue a relationship that is too exhausting, you may have to break up. Best Life astrologers told us about the most incompatible zodiac signs.

Aries: Capricorn

Aries has a bold and sometimes daring character. They do not wait for permission to do what they want, nothing will stop them from expressing themselves authentically. Aries like to get their own way and have a bit of a hot temper. Aries needs a partner who is easier going and more flexible.

Often, Aries are attracted to Capricorns, but this rarely leads to a long-term relationship. Capricorns are just as ambitious and stubborn, which means that relationships between these signs often lead to disagreements and quarrels.

Taurus: Libra

Taurus are very confident in their skills and abilities and do not feel the need to prove their professionalism to other people. Taurus prefers to move slowly and deliberately to do everything right. Taurus is looking for a partner who can take things easy and share the little joys of life.

Taurus often feel romantically attracted to Libra, but there is a lack of serious communication between partners. Taurus wants to face problems directly and solve them, while Libra is not prone to conflict and is less willing to express their feelings.

Gemini: Virgo

Gemini is cheerful, flirtatious, and extremely sociable. They like everything to be easy and interesting. Gemini needs a partner who will be their best friend. Therefore, it is unlikely that you and Virgo would make a long-lasting couple.

Virgos are rational perfectionists, and their practical personality is at odds with Gemini's free spirit. Gemini thinks Virgos take things too seriously.

Cancer: Aquarius

Cancer is looking for love for life. They need a lot of verbal affirmation and small gifts to feel cared for. Cancers need a partner who is attuned to their emotions. Cancers in love are very tender and vulnerable, and they need the same attention in return.

Cancers are often attracted to Aquarius, but it is not easy for a couple to find an emotional connection. Aquarians rarely share how they feel, and they find it difficult to express their emotions and frustrations. This can lead to Cancer feeling blocked and depressed.

Leo: Taurus

Leo is looking for a hot and vibrant love. They like to take the lead in a relationship. Sometimes their hot temper can lead to impulsive actions. Leos need a partner who isn't afraid to get in touch with their sensitive side and allows Leos to be in charge of the relationship (or at least think so).

Stubborn Taurus will drive Leo crazy. It's only a matter of time before they have a disagreement and the situation escalates.

Virgo: Sagittarius

Love lies in the details, and no one knows this better than the perfectionist Virgo. Virgos know that romance alone won't keep them satisfied, so they're ready to make every effort to build a partnership. The ideal Virgo partner is an ambitious and thoughtful rational pedant.

Sagittarians need freedom, and they don't like to label things. Virgos appreciate reliability and solid support. The couple will need a lot of patience and conscious effort to find a balance.

Libra: Cancer

As one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac, Libra has high expectations when it comes to love. They need to be with someone who can keep their promises. In addition, they like to remain quite relaxed and easygoing. Libras are not afraid to face their feelings, but simply cannot deal with a partner who becomes moody or jealous.

Thoughtful and sweet Cancers are among the most attentive partners. However, Cancers can be incredibly petty and emotionally cold. Cancers often don't keep their promises and are quite frivolous in relationships.

Scorpio: Leo

A Scorpio's heart is always burning with hot passion. They are looking for a partner with whom they can be sincere and weak. Scorpios want their partner to see their vulnerable heart behind their strong and independent facade.

Although you may be attracted to Leo's charm and charisma, their overconfidence can irritate you. It's as if you're competing for leadership. Leo is one of the few signs that can match the passion and stubbornness of Scorpio. Quarrels and disagreements are bound to arise between the signs, and no one wants to compromise.

Sagittarius: Pisces

Love is all about taking risks and opening up to your partner, and Sagittarius finds this difficult. Sagittarians love flexibility and freedom, so they often hesitate when it comes to formalizing a relationship.

Pisces is a difficult match for Sagittarius. Pisces is very emotional and likes to talk about their feelings, while the stubborn and hot-tempered Sagittarius prefers honest and direct communication. This sharp contrast will be expressed in quarrels and misunderstandings.

Capricorn: Gemini

Capricorns have a practical approach to dating. They are sure that a lifelong romance does not happen overnight, so they are in no hurry to plunge into feelings. Capricorns are known for their consistency, so it's no surprise that they are looking for a reliable partner.

Gemini are real rebels. They like to keep things casual and relaxed, while Capricorns prefer strong commitment. In a relationship, Gemini is likely to decide that Capricorn is too boring and uninteresting.

Aquarius: Scorpio

Aquarians believe that love is when two people come together despite their differences. They need a partner who has an interesting and exciting life of their own and respects their need for personal space and freedom.

That's why, despite your magnetic attraction, Scorpio is a difficult sign for Aquarius. At first, they may seem relaxed and easygoing, but jealousy will lead to quarrels. In addition, both signs defend their position in disputes, and it is difficult for them to see the problem from the other person's point of view.

Pisces: Aries

Pisces lovers are passionate and intense. This is an extremely intuitive and sensitive sign. Pisces is attuned to the moods of others and makes every effort to make them feel comfortable. Pisces will endlessly give everything to their partner until they have nothing left.

Pisces and Aries have a strong attraction to each other. But keep in mind: the flame can be extinguished as quickly as it flares up. Aries tends to be more assertive and authoritative in relationships. This difference in the way these signs express a point of view is one of the key reasons why relationships don't last long.

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