What you shouldn't do before Easter: the prohibitions of Holy Week

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Holy Week commemorates the last days of Jesus Christ's earthly life

On April 10, Orthodox believers began an important period - Holy Week. This is the last week before Easter, including Maundy Thursday, when the Last Supper took place, and Good Friday, the most mournful day of the year, when Jesus was crucified.

Each day of the week is called a Great Day. Believers spend this period in prayer and spiritual purification, recalling the Passion of Christ - the events that took place in Jerusalem in the last days of his earthly life. People have a number of prohibitions and signs associated with Holy Week. Read about the most common ones in the OBOZREVATEL article.

What to do during Holy Week

In the period before Easter, much attention has long been paid to purification. That's why believers cleaned their homes and yards, threw away junk, washed windows, and prepared the ground for planting.

The best day for cleaning is Maundy Thursday. It is said that the water on this day has healing properties, so you should definitely swim before sunrise. You can also clean on the other days of Holy Week - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

But on Good Friday, you should never do any physical work. This day was entirely devoted to prayer, reflection and charity.

On Maundy Thursday or Holy Saturday, people usually bake Easter cakes and paint Easter eggs. An Easter basket is also prepared in advance.

Prohibitions and superstitions of Holy Week

Holy Week is a period of the strictest fasting. On Friday, some believers refuse to eat until the evening, and then eat a slice of bread and wash it down with a glass of water.

On the eve of Easter, it is not customary to hold weddings, birthday parties and other celebrations with music and dancing. The last days before Easter are mournful.

You should also not quarrel, swear, slander anyone, or be angry.

You should not refuse help. You should show mercy and compassion to your neighbour and do charity work.

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