What you need to do in the vegetable garden before spring: a list of important things

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Preparing the garden for spring

Although the calendar winter is not yet over, it is time to start thinking about preparing for the new summer season. February is a great time to start some work in the garden because it is now that the foundation for the future harvest is being laid.

Zprz City told us what important gardening tasks you need to do in February to prepare your land plots for spring.

All the tasks on this list are important. They will affect the condition of your trees, plants, and the quality of your future harvest.

Cleaning up

Remove all the tops, weeds, and fallen leaves that have accumulated over the winter from the garden and dig up the soil to loosen it. In addition, don't forget to remove any spoiled old fruit from the trees. This will help prevent the spread of diseases and pests.


Prune dry and diseased branches of fruit trees and shrubs to help them bear fruit better. In addition, whitewash the trunks while they are still dormant. This will protect them from frost, sunlight, and pests.

With the onset of spring, the bark of shrubs and young fruit trees becomes the main source of food for rodents, so it is worth tying the boles or replacing the ropes if necessary.

You can also graft your trees now. Experienced gardeners believe that this should be done before sap flow begins.


To give plants the strength to develop and grow, you need to fertilize the soil. Apply organic or mineral fertilizers to the root zones after the ground has thawed after the cold weather.


If you want to grow new crops, you should start preparing as soon as possible. It's time to decide what you want to sow and plan the placement of the new plants in your garden.

Seeds can be sown now so that you can have seedlings for the open field in the spring.

It is also recommended to check the inventory, the condition of irrigation systems, as well as repair or replace damaged parts in February so as not to worry about it at a time when you need to take care of plants.

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