What you can't give for your birthday: the top worst options


Birthday gifts can be more or less successful. Both in terms of what the birthday boy wants to get and in terms of what they can bring on a symbolic level.

OBOZREVATEL delved into the study of folk omens in this regard. And tells you what items are better not to present on your birthday, so as not to bring the birthday boy problems and misfortunes in life.

Knives, scissors, and other sharp objects

Odds say that all sharp objects can "cut" good relations and quarrel with the birthday boy. That is why they are not given not only on the birthday but also on other holidays.


The hands of the clock clearly demonstrate how fleeting life is. And the birthday is a symbolic embodiment of this process. A clock received on that day can speed up the passage of time for a person. Also, the watch may portend parting with the person to whom it is given.


A beautiful and expensive accessory can be seen as an attempt to bind the person to himself. Therefore, it is better not to give it to a superstitious birthday boy.

Dishes and kitchen utensils

By themselves, such items are not dangerous. It is bad to give them empty. It is believed that this can lead to poverty. If you really want to give a beautiful cup or a set of bowls, just put something inside.

Decorative candles.

A candle is a ritual object that is used in burial ceremonies, among other things. A superstitious birthday boy may perceive such a gift as a wish for death.


The bad thing here is the same emptiness inside. In addition to predicting poverty, it is believed that the box can become a receptacle of thoughts and feelings, which the birthday boy will hide from the giver. Which, of course, will quickly alienate people.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL told about the omens associated with the purse, which helps to avoid poverty.

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