What to feed tomatoes, so that the harvest was early: the secrets of gardeners

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What fertilizer is best for tomatoes

Tomatoes are unpretentious vegetables, but it is important not to forget about proper care and feeding. Not the least role is played by the right neighborhood. It is worst to plant next to tomatoes cabbage - cauliflower, broccoli or kohlrabi. And salad and legume crops, radishes, carrots and beets will not interfere with the growth of tomatoes.

Tomatoes need to be fertilized in time to have an early harvest. What fertilizers are suitable for tomatoes - read in the article OBOZREVATEL.

What fertilizers are good for tomatoes?

Fertilizers must meet the needs of the plants during development.

Potassium fertilizers are necessary for the formation of ovaries. They can increase resistance to diseases and improve the aesthetic appearance of tomatoes. Potassium is useful for improving taste and forming brighter colors.

Phosphorus fertilizers have a great effect on root development. They will speed up flowering, and the fruit will ripen faster. Phosphorus increases plant resistance to adverse conditions.

Nitrogen fertilizers can also be used. They are useful for building vegetative mass, particularly stems and leaves.

Boron will help to harvest a large and abundant crop.

What to do if a plant has darkened leaves

Darkened, wrapped leaves and purple streaks are the main "symptoms" of phosphorus deficiency. This is the so-called phosphorus starvation, which tomatoes often suffer from. Experienced gardeners recommend using superphosphate and potassium monophosphate.

If the leaves are drying and crumbling

"Curly, curled leaves are a sign of potassium deficiency. Burnt, dry leaves that simply crumble in the hands is another characteristic sign. In such a case, the tomatoes should be fed with ash, potassium sulfate or callimaggnezia.

If the leaves suddenly turn yellow

Yellowing leaves can indicate a lack of nitrogen fertilizer. Tomatoes can be treated with a solution of urea or ammonium nitrate.

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