What to feed garlic so that the feathers do not turn yellow: a tip for gardeners

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Yellow feathers on garlic - a signal to apply fertilizer

Garlic is an unpretentious crop that can easily be grown in a garden bed. The useful properties of garlic cannot be counted: it has antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties, it is good for the cardiovascular system, improves digestion and stimulates bile secretion.

Often, however, gardeners notice that the garlic feathers begin to turn yellow. This significantly spoils the harvest. How to feed garlic in this case - read in the article OBOZREVATEL.

The appearance of yellow on the feathers of garlic indicates a significant lack of nutrients. It is important to make the right feeding in time to remedy the situation.

According to experts, yellowed feathers indicate a lack of sulfur. Therefore, you should choose a fertilizer containing this element.


Ammonium sulfate will be helpful. Before applying the fertilizer, it is recommended to abundantly water the soil with plain water. For 1 square meter of the bed you should take about 30 grams of fertilizer. In addition to ammonium sulfate, you can choose any fertilizer with sulfur in the store and apply it according to the instructions.

By the way, experts suggest feeding garlic with potassium or ammonium nitrate. It is best to apply potassium fertilizer in spring or summer. And for garlic to have a pleasant taste and keep well in winter, 2-3 weeks before harvesting, you should feed it with a phosphorus solution. Copper fertilizer will protect against diseases and bacteria. Read more in the article.

The OBOZREVATEL was told earlier how to add garlic to food without spoiling its taste and aroma.

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