What things should not be washed in a machine: guaranteed to spoil

Yulia LoseynkoLife
A business suit has no place in the washing machine drum.

Most things can be washed at home in a household washing machine. And this makes life very easy. But in any case, this method of care wears out and deforms fabrics over time. Therefore, it is advised to dry-clean certain items exclusively.

As OBOZREVATEL has found out, one particular type of clothing requires dry cleaning only. If you wash it in a machine, it will instantly fail. We are talking about a business suit.

The fabrics used to make suits and the complex cut do not allow for washing in a washing machine, even on a delicate cycle and at a low temperature. Especially if it is wool. In this case, the item will lose its appearance very quickly.

You can quickly refresh your suit at home with a steamer. But this is only a temporary measure. The complete and safe cleaning of business clothes should be left to professionals.

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