What things should never be heated in the microwave: the list will surprise you

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Not all materials and products are safe to heat in the microwave

A microwave oven greatly simplifies many processes in the kitchen. It can do almost anything: from baking cakes to making potato chips. But the most important thing it gives us is significant time savings.

But, like everything else in this world, even such a cool thing has certain limitations and drawbacks - not everything can be placed in its chamber. Using the wrong material or heating unsuitable food in the microwave can damage the device itself, or even cause a fire. Therefore, OBOZ.UA has collected all the main tips about the items that should never be put in it.

Aluminum foil

It will never be superfluous to repeat this warning. Aluminum foil is essentially a very thin metal that, when exposed to microwave radiation, will reflect energy rather than absorb it. This, in turn, will provoke sparks, damage to the oven, and in the worst case, a fire.

Anything made of metal or stainless steel

Plates with shiny metal decorations and stainless steel travel mugs can also cause a fire if you put them in the microwave. What's more, these containers will keep your food and drinks from getting too hot because, as with aluminum foil, the metal will reflect the microwave energy and prevent your microwave from absorbing it.

Single-use plastic

Plastic bags and containers, such as yogurt containers, should never be placed in the microwave as they can contain bisphenol A, an extremely toxic substance. Once melted by microwaves, the plastic will begin to release it into the food, which, according to research, can cause many health problems.

Containers for takeaway food

Takeout containers sometimes have metal reinforcement and are sometimes covered with plastic. Although most of them are microwaveable, it is still worth checking the labeling on such containers every time. The special marking for such cases looks like a rectangle with wavy lines in the middle. If you see this on the box, then everything is fine and you can heat food in it.


Styrofoam (also known as polystyrene) is not only harmful to the environment, but also melts quickly when exposed to radiation. Like plastic, it can release dangerous chemicals into your food and potentially cause illness.


It may seem like a good idea to microwave a cup of water to heat up your tea. However, the reality is that when heated in this way, no air bubbles escape from the water and it can "explode" when you take it out and burn your hands and face.

Raw hot peppers

Raw peppers will not explode in the microwave. However, when exposed to microwaves, it will release the burning substance capsaicin. When you open the appliance, you could inhale the fumes and seriously burn your respiratory tract or eyes.


It's a bad idea to microwave a whole egg in its shell, as it can explode. Microwaves will create water vapor inside the egg, which will increase the pressure under the shell and eventually cause it to explode. Therefore, you should definitely not cook this product in this way.

Frozen protein

Quickly defrosting meat from the freezer in the microwave seems like a brilliant idea. But in reality, it's not. Such heating of protein products can cause them to cook unevenly - the meat will be fried on the outside, but will remain icy inside. Also, dangerous bacteria can spread in such conditions. So just try to remember to take the meat out of the freezer on time. By the way, the best way to defrost it is to put it in the refrigerator a day before cooking. This way, it will retain more moisture and the dish will be juicier.


Yes, this vegetable will not explode or damage the microwave. But according to research, this particular cooking method destroys almost all the nutrients in broccoli. Not to mention what the microwave does to its color. You'll just get a tasteless and unnutritious piece of some unpleasant texture that is devoid of color.

Opened pasta sauces

The most famous culprit of microwave messes is tomato-based pasta sauces. If they are heated without a lid, they can splash all over the cooking space. This is because the thick consistency of the sauce can trap water vapor inside until the entire dish explodes.

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