What room flowers to put in the hallway: can easily do without light

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What plants to put in the hallway

If you're tired of capricious houseplants that stubbornly do not bloom despite all your efforts, you should pay attention to unpretentious flowers. You do not need to select the regime of watering, experiment with fertilizers and seek the right light in the apartment - these flowers can easily grow even in the corridor.

OBOZREVATEL offers the top plants that can be put in rooms with artificial light. They will feel best in hallways or corridors.


Monstera is advised to be placed in the shade. The sun's rays will have a detrimental effect on it, and the leaves may burn, turn yellow and fall off. But Monster likes warm rooms, without excessive humidity in the air, coolness and draughts, so you should not put it near open doors, on balconies or on windowsills.


Sunsevieria is also popularly known as mother-in-law's tongue. Usually this plant is great even in corridors and darkened corners. However, look closely at the leaves: If it has characteristic stripes, this variety needs diffused sunlight. At least once a month you should wipe its leaves with a damp cloth to get rid of dust.


Chlorophytum is completely undemanding and will grow even under unfavorable conditions. This plant is an excellent air purifier, so a pleasant clean microclimate will reign in the room.


Cissus can be placed on shelves in the hallway or corridor. It will grow and develop even in the darkest corners. In the warm season, it is advised to take the cissus to the balcony or summer terrace.


Zamioculcas grows well in shaded conditions and does not like too much moisture in the soil. The plant can grow up to a meter in height, so it can be placed on the floor in a hallway.


The sun's rays can gradually destroy the leaves of nephrolepis, so it is better to grow them in the shade. It is recommended to water the plant twice a week, not forgetting to drain the excess water from the tray. Spraying will also be useful.

In the past OBOZREVATEL told us how to wipe the leaves of indoor plants to make them healthy and shiny.

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