What professions artificial intelligence can take away from people: GPT-4 itself answered

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Twitter users criticized the findings of AI

The emergence of advanced artificial intelligence worries many professions that could be replaced by a well-trained machine. Time will tell what these professions will be. But for now, people have turned to AI itself for a prediction on this matter.

The query was formed by journalist and author of The Rundown AI newsletter Rowan Cheung. He posted the GPT-4 chatbot's response on his Twitter account.

Cheung asked GPT-4 what 20 professions he would master so well that he would be able to replace humans in these matters. In response, he received a table with a list. Besides professions, the chat-bot also named his advantages over people in these areas. They were mainly the ability not to waste time, analytical skills, speed and accuracy in completing tasks.

The list of professions that the AI can select from included:

  • data entry operator;
  • customer support manager;;
  • proofreader;
  • paralegal;
  • bookkeeper;
  • translator;
  • copywriter;
  • market research analyst;
  • social media manager;
  • time scheduling administrator;
  • telephone salesperson;
  • virtual assistant;
  • text transcriber;
  • news reporter;
  • travel agent;
  • tutor;
  • technical support analyst;
  • email marketer;
  • content moderator;
  • recruiter.

In responses to the tweet, users began to share their thoughts on the list. For example, the item about the social media manager caused skepticism due to the fact that AI cannot create content without a clear task. Therefore, users suggested that it could be an effective tool rather than a replacement for humans.

Many also expressed doubt that the machine could handle the job of a news reporter. After all, for this profession you need to see, understand and describe the events around you well. Just as for a recruiter, not only the answers of the person he is trying to hire are important, but also his body language, manner of communication, etc.

Users also pointed out that the list does not include professions related to finance. And someone joked that perhaps the last profession to be replaced by the AI will be a construction worker.

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