What product makes cats panic: you'd be surprised

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Cats are afraid of cucumbers

Cats are very brave creatures: they are able to fight snakes, go hunting, scare off large dogs, climb trees and jump from incredible heights. However, they have a rather unusual fear that few people know about.

It sounds a little strange, but almost all cats are afraid of cucumbers. Why this food causes panic in animals, was examined by The Jerusalem Post.

Many videos of cats' reactions to cucumbers are circulating online. Users have even created the tag "CucumbersScaringCats". Some cats, having seen a cucumber nearby, jump sharply into the air, others from panic overturn bowls with water or food. The calmest animals just cautiously examine the threatening object, moving away to a safe distance. In general, the only reaction is fear.

What product makes cats panic: you'd be surprised

Why cats are afraid of cucumbers

Jill Goldman, an animal behavior expert, told National Geographic that cucumbers trigger a natural reflex in cats.

"When frightened, a cat will often try to get out to run away from danger and then reassess the situation from a distance," Jill noted.

Pam Johnson-Bennett, author of Think Like a Cat, urges not to experiment and put cucumbers near the food area. Typically, cats associate food and water plates with safety. Naturally, animals become frightened when they suddenly see an unknown object nearby.

Goldman attributed the panic response to the specific shape of the cucumbers. Cats can associate the shape and length of cucumbers with snakes, which are symbols of danger for animals.

By the way, according to recent studies, a great fear causes cats to vacuum cleaner. Loud appliances make animals feel distrust and stress. Hearing the characteristic sound, cats usually hide in safe places.

And the third place in the rating of cat fears is occupied by the mirror. Why cats are afraid of their reflection - read in the material.

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