What plants can "take over" a site and take all the nutrients for themselves?

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The desire to plant some beautiful plant in the garden, which would grow itself and look luxurious at the same time, is quite understandable. Who doesn't want maximum results with minimum effort? But sometimes you can settle on your site an invasive species that not only quickly grows, but also displaces other plants, takes all the food from the soil and get rid of it will be very difficult.

OBOZREVATEL tells about such invasive plants. And about how best to grow them, so that there will be no problems.


Once in favorable conditions, aromatic grass begins to take over more and more territory. Therefore, in nature, it often grows entire lawns. In a vegetable garden or garden, it is better not to plant it next to other herbs or vegetables. The best way to grow mint is in a box, where it will be limited in space.


Not all species of bamboo are invasive, so before you plant something in your plot, ask exactly which group your species belongs to. If it is invasive, it will take root over a large area very quickly and spread its rhizomes in different directions at a rate of up to 1 meter a year. So you may have your own bamboo forest, but it will be almost impossible to control or uproot.

Acute Molochaisum

In the United States, this plant has the status of an evil weed and is even fought with the help of special insects. In some ecosystems, such as prairies, it can displace all other species, destroying the natural environment completely. In the best case it will simply block the light for plants, because it grows tall. Like any other thistle, it can be poisonous to pets. Because of its incredible tenacity, it is almost impossible to get rid of this plant.

Wisteria chinensis.

This plant blooms incredibly beautiful - lush cascades of lilac-colored flowers. Wisteria grows very fast and its heavy branches can destroy garden and house structures and destroy other plants on which it rests. The plant is capable of strangling even a very large tree. Therefore, the wisteria should be mercilessly pruned twice a year. Then it can be kept under control.

Rooted Campsis.

This liana can grow lushly on a property, enveloping arbors, other buildings or even the house with a lush carpet of greenery that blooms in spectacular colors. It looks incredibly beautiful. Meanwhile, the roots of this plant also quickly spread in the ground and can not only displace other plants, but also destroy foundations and walls.

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