What plants are dangerous for the vegetable garden: they can completely destroy its fertility

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Even neighboring trees can affect the harvest

When we try to get a good harvest from our garden, we sometimes can't understand why our enormous efforts bring such a poor result. Although you seem to be doing everything right, you still get only a few vegetables and a handful of berries. Experienced gardeners recommend that you take a closer look at the plants surrounding your garden. Some species can suppress vegetable yields.

OBOZ.UA found out what plants can have such a strong impact on their cultivation. It turned out that five rather unexpected green neighbors of your garden can be its hidden enemies.


This is a vicious weed that penetrates deep into the ground with its roots and blocks out the sun with its large leaves. It also sucks nutrients and water from the soil, leaving no food for others. Burdock is also harmful to vegetables, cereals, and ornamental plants. Therefore, it is advised to uproot it and plow the soil deeply in the place where burdock grew.


These bushes are often grown as ornamental plants. They do look great and bloom beautifully, and some berries are also edible. But at the same time, honeysuckle thickets are a favorite place for insect pests. Therefore, it is better to keep this plant as far away from the garden as possible.

Horse chestnut

It would seem that this tree can not harm vegetables. But in fact, its leaves and fruits secrete substances that suppress the fertility of the garden. In addition, the large crown of the horse chestnut blocks out a lot of sun. Therefore, it should be planted so that the shade does not fall on the beds.


Birch not only draws a lot of water from the ground. It is also a tree that spreads quickly and can occupy a large area. Therefore, you will have to constantly remove young shoots.


Proponents of the geopathic zone theory claim that ash is a sign that the place where it grows is an unfavorable area. It is impossible to verify whether this is true or not. However, experienced gardeners know that the tree absorbs too much water from the soil, currants and raspberries do not grow near it, potatoes do not set tubers, and cereal crops die quickly.

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