What not to say to those who are at the front. A Ukrainian soldier shared some inappropriate phrases

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Oleksiy Kushner noted that statements are perceived differently in the rear and on the front line

Ukrainian defender Oleksiy Kushner told us what not to say to the soldiers who are defending our country at the front. The soldier shared inappropriate phrases for the military that should not be said either personally or in their presence.

On his Facebook page, Kushner listed the most popular messages from civilian Ukrainians to the frontline soldiers. According to him, these phrases are perceived differently in the rear and on the front line.

Oleksiy Kushner told what not to say to the military.

"There is a need to discuss with you the nuances of what you write and how it is read/perceived by those at war. When you receive another message from relatives or even strangers, you think one thing: "Why?" So, the first one is my "favorite": "Come back home as soon as possible!". In a war, you can get home as soon as possible in three cases: you are killed, wounded, or simply deserted. Is that what you wanted to wish?" Kushner said.

He also explained that the phrase "Take care of yourself!" is very commonplace and necessary, but sometimes simply impossible, because of the life and conditions of combat operations.

Oleksiy Kushner named the phrases that encourage soldiers at the front.

"To take care of yourself in war is to run over the hill in the fields: "I pray for you" - if you are not sure what religion the person you are addressing this to professes, do not do it. "My God does not hear your prayers, because you are addressing them incorrectly." Praying to a cross for a person who is planning a banquet with Odin in Valhalla is stupid," the military emphasized.

He added that he did not want to offend anyone and expressed his subjective opinion, and gave an example of phrases that encourage soldiers.

"Come back with a victory," "But you're killing them there," "Proud to meet you," "Catch the nudges," or the banal "Thank you," Kushner summarized.

Oleksiy Kushner defends Ukraine from Russian invaders

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, Ukrainian actor, screenwriter and co-founder of the Mamahohotala studio Yevhen Yanovych spoke out about the war in Ukraine and those in the rear. He explained why we should not condemn people who live a peaceful life while bloody battles are taking place at the front.

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