What not to plant raspberries near: 8 plants that will ruin the harvest

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Raspberries cannot be planted near cherries and strawberries

Sometimes, even with proper pruning and feeding of raspberries, tiny watery berries grow instead of a sweet generous harvest. Gardeners throw up their hands - probably it was a bad year. But the most common mistake that can ruin the harvest is a violation of the rules of the neighborhood.

There are eight plants that should not be planted next to raspberries. Read more about this in the article OBOZREVATEL.

What should not be planted near raspberries

Let's start with the most common mistake: raspberries should not be planted near cherries. The latter will suppress the growth of bushes, resulting in a poor harvest. In general, the cherry tree is capable of reducing the fruit-bearing time of raspberries.

Raspberries should not be planted next to strawberries. These berries are prone to common diseases. In addition, they are affected by the same pests. Therefore, in this case, the wrong neighborhood is explained simply by competition for useful substances and moisture levels in the soil. The situation is similar with blueberries and wild strawberries.

Experts advise not to plant raspberry bushes next to grapes. Raspberries will not have enough nutrition, because grapes will "suck" all the useful substances from the soil. After some time, raspberries can not only stop bearing fruit, but even die.

Garden flowers will not be pleasant neighbors either. They will inhibit the growth and development of bushes. Raspberries should not be planted next to:

  • nasturtium
  • iris
  • elderberry.

Jasmine and sea buckthorn will dehydrate raspberry bushes. The berries will grow small and sour to the taste.

The right neighborhood for raspberries

Raspberries and apple trees are ideal neighbors who will benefit mutually from close proximity. The apple tree will protect the raspberry from rot infestation, and the raspberry will protect the apple tree from scab.

It is useful to plant near the raspberry greens: calendula, basil, garlic, onions. These crops will scare away insects with their smell.

The following trees and bushes will contribute to the development of raspberries:

  • currants
  • blackberry
  • rowan
  • plum
  • pear
  • juniper
  • roses
  • barberry.

Of garden flowers, peonies and asters can be planted near raspberries.

By the way, there are certain features of fertilizing raspberries with nitrogen and mineral fertilizers. How, when and in what proportions to apply fertilizers

 - read in this article.

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