What not to feed raspberries: they will wither in a day

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What not to feed raspberries

To grow delicious and large raspberries, you should adhere to the basic rules of feeding and pest control. Preventive spraying begins as early as April-May. You can make a solution of Bordeaux liquid by mixing 10 liters of water and 300 g of mixture.

It is important to remember the need for timely pruning. This is especially true for remontant varieties, which can bear fruit several times a year. If the rules of care are neglected, this property can be lost and the bush will give berries only once a season. According to experts, some fertilizers are definitely not allowed to feed the raspberry, otherwise it will wither in one day. Read more about this in the article OBOZREVATEL.

Forbidden fertilizer

First rule of raspberry care: It is better not to mix fertilizers. Alternatively, you can first feed the bushes with cowpea, and after 2 weeks to introduce wood ash.

Experts do not recommend making large amounts of nitrogen fertilizers, especially in the fall. In winter, the young shoots can quickly die. And in general, nitrogen fertilizers accelerate the growth of shoots, but stop the growth of berries.

Nitrogen fertilizers should not be applied in the spring, because they contribute to the level of soil acidity. High levels of acidity are not suitable for raspberry bushes.

Chlorine is another forbidden element, which should not be used as part of the fertilizer. Raspberries do not like and do not accept this substance.

Useful fertilizers

The humus

You can fertilize bushes with humus not more than once a month, because pests love this fertilizer. Take 1 bucket of humus per 1 square meter and cover it with soil.

Bird droppings

This fertilizer is considered ideal for raspberries. Especially poultry manure is concerned. The solution should be infused for 5 days by placing the manure in the bottom of the bucket and pouring it with water in the proportion of 1:20.


Raspberries love a fertilizer of fresh weeds and nettles. Fill a bucket by a quarter with chopped herbs, pour water over the mixture and insist for 10 days.

Wood ash

Mineral substances contained in its composition are very useful for raspberries. This is the easiest fertilizer, the ash is applied in pure form under the bushes. Alternatively, you can prepare a mixture: 600 g of ash per 10 liters of water insist exactly one day and water under the roots. For 1 bush, 2 liters of solution is enough.

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