What not to do during a thunderstorm: 9 important prohibitions

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What's dangerous to do during a thunderstorm

A thunderstorm is a rather dangerous phenomenon. The main factors behind the formation of thunderstorm weather are excessive humidity in the air and instability of the atmosphere. Together, they can catalyze heavy rain, thunder, lightning, wind gusts and even hail.

Often people ignore safety rules, thinking a thunderstorm is not a serious enough reason to worry. Best Life Online tells you what not to do during a thunderstorm and where to hide from lightning.

Avoid places near bodies of water

Swimming in a river or lake during a summer thunderstorm would be romantic enough if it didn't carry a scary threat. Water conducts electricity, so swimming outside during a thunderstorm can have fatal consequences. Therefore, experts caution against taking showers or baths, washing dishes or having any contact with water during a thunderstorm.

Do not use electronics

Another source of danger during a thunderstorm is connected electronics. Unplug computers, laptops, landline phones, televisions, gaming systems, washers, dryers, stoves, chargers and other appliances during a thunderstorm.

Zenia Platten, a spokeswoman for Total Prepare Inc, a Canadian company, emphasized that a power surge can damage electronics even if the device is turned off.

Gavin Dawson, emergency medical technician and founder of Global Emergency Medics, added that "it's important to unplug power strips and surge filters as well."

Danger from fireplaces

Fireplaces are another source of danger in the home during a thunderstorm. Many fireplace stoves are made of metal and can produce electricity throughout the chimney flue.

Find shelter

It's important to immediately hide in a safe building if you see a thunderstorm approaching. Experts say you should never stand on high or exposed ground, as lightning is attracted to high points. Recently there was a tragedy on Hoverla, where lightning struck three people. The incident killed a man and an 11-year-old girl.

Once inside, stay away from windows and doors. Do not choose garages with concrete floors as shelter, as concrete can generate electricity.

If there is nowhere to hide

If you find yourself outside during a thunderstorm with no access to safe shelter, rescuers suggest crouching in a ball-like position with your head down and your hands around your ears. This way you will have less chance of being struck by lightning.

However, lying down on the ground is not allowed. Deadly currents of electricity caused by lightning can spread horizontally within 6 meters.

Do not stand near trees

Avoid standing at the roots of trees as they can produce electricity. It is better to stand on the ground or a rock. Also, during a storm, a tree may be damaged or fall down.

Stay away from unity poles or power lines

Unity poles and power lines are two common high points that can attract lightning. Damaged power lines create a danger zone around them.

Hide items inside the house

Thunderstorms are often accompanied by high winds, so it's important to protect any loose items in your yard: umbrellas, bowls, buckets, vases, trash cans, etc.

Keep pets leashed

If a thunderstorm catches you suddenly while walking your dog, it's important to keep your pet on a leash and head straight indoors. Loud noises can frighten your pet.

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