What manners show a good man: etiquette rules that everyone should know

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Etiquette rules for men

A man should follow the rules of etiquette to make a good impression on a woman and demonstrate his good manners. Unfortunately, in the modern world, men often forget about good manners and believe that words alone can win the favor of the opposite sex.

The image of a well-mannered man consists not only of his appearance and manners but also of knowing how to present himself and behave in different situations. OBOZREVATEL has compiled a list of etiquette rules that every man should know.

It takes a lot of effort to be a true gentleman. You can display good manners not only during a date but throughout your life.

Women pay attention to the little things, so you should follow these rules to win their hearts.

  • When accompanying a girl, a guy should walk on her left, as only the military have the right to walk on the right to salute if necessary.
  • The partner should hold his companion's elbow in case she slips or stumbles.
  • If you smoke, do it in the presence of a woman but only with her permission.
  • Always open the door in front of a lady and let her go ahead.
  • When a couple is going down the stairs, the man should walk behind at a distance of several steps and support the woman if she has difficulty walking.
  • The man should enter the elevator first, and when leaving, let the girl go first.
  • The partner should always open the car door and give his hand so that she can exit carefully. If the couple is sitting together in the back seat, the man gets out first and extends a hand to help the lady.
  • Indoors, you need to help a woman take off her coat or put on her outerwear.
  • A guy should always arrive early for a date to avoid embarrassing her and making her wait alone.
  • Offer to help carry heavy bags and outerwear.
  • During the date, avoid crossing your arms and try not to gesture too much, as it can be seen as a sign of disrespect for your partner.
  • Avoid discussing explicit topics when meeting with a woman.


Every man's wardrobe should include a classic suit and tie. If you are going on a date, avoid wearing excessive accessories; everything should be in moderation. Choose a shirt that is lighter than the suit, and the tie should complement the color scheme of the outfit.

Avoid emphasizing bright cufflinks or tie clips, as it can create an inharmonious look. Ensure that your shoes or boots are well-maintained.

Your hairstyle should be neat, and if you have gray hair, you should not dye it; it's better not to hide your bald spot.

Before attending any events, make sure to shave. If you have a mustache or beard, keep them neat and well-trimmed.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL published rules of speech etiquette that can help you display good manners during conversations.

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