What is the bottom drawer of the stove for: there can be three options

The drawer under the oven has several purposes. Source: Pexels

We've often wondered why we need a drawer at the bottom of a stove or oven. Housewives use them as an additional place to store dishes.

It turns out that these small drawers have different purposes. OBOZREVATEL found out what other functions they perform.

There are different types of drawers, so it's worth understanding their purpose before buying.

Warming drawer

This drawer will keep your food warm until your guests arrive. When the oven is in operation, it generates heat that warms the drawer, so the food in it does not cool down or "overcook."

Cooks can also use this warm space to proof dough or to heat plates before serving, just like in a restaurant. However, do not leave food or dishes there for more than an hour. If you do, the food may dry out, and the plates will become too hot.

Optional broiler

The lower drawer may have an additional broiler. This is not common, only in some models, but they are difficult to find in our market. Read the instructions carefully before using it.

Do not store any foreign objects in the drawer, as this may damage the equipment.

Dish storage space

This is the most familiar use of the bottom drawer. It helps you save space in your cabinets. You can store bulky cookware, such as pans or baking dishes. Usually, they take up a lot of space, and we don't know where to put them.

But don't forget to place a non-stick felt cloth between the cookware - it will help avoid scratches on the surfaces.

Do not store plastic products in such a drawer because the heat from the oven can melt the dishes.

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