What "improvements" spoil the interior in the house: ideas that will do more harm than good

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Stylish ceiling-mounted furniture can be a waste of money, and a kitchen island can be a source of problems

Every time we plan a renovation, we include new solutions designed to improve our lives and make the interior not only stylish but also more functional. However, without any special knowledge, but only after looking at pictures in magazines and on specialized websites, many people choose something that, although it looks good, does not work at all. This is especially true in a small city apartment.

Designers regularly talk about such unsuccessful decisions. OBOZ.UA has collected the main "improvements" that will actually bring you nothing but unnecessary expenses and household problems.

Touchless faucets

In their imagination, many people who love to cook hold a picture of themselves tinkering in the kitchen and then turning on the water with a touchless faucet with a slight movement of their doughy hand. In reality, such a gadget is more of a bad idea than a good one. First, you will regularly open the water with an accidental movement when you don't need it. Also, the faucet may not work at the right time and you will have to stand in the middle of the kitchen and wave your hands until it reacts. These faucets also need to be powered by an outlet or battery, which means that during a long power outage, you risk being left without water at all. And finally, if you need to adjust the temperature, you will still have to touch the faucet, which will negate its only advantage. So this is a case where it definitely doesn't make any sense to pay more.

Furniture up to the ceiling

A kitchen set or cabinet that rests directly on the ceiling looks great in style. This technique allows you to visually hide the presence of furniture and create the impression of a clean, minimalist interior, visually increasing the space. In addition, there is no need to wipe off the dust that collects on top of the cabinet. Only one drawback of such cabinets can negate all these advantages. The cost of making a mezzanine is likely to be completely useless. To make full use of the highest shelves and compartments of such cabinets, you will either need a special ladder, which is not very aesthetically pleasing, or constantly climb on a stool, which is quite dangerous. Otherwise, they will just stand empty and be useless.

Faucet for filling pots and pans

Carrying a full pot of water from the sink to the stove is a lot of fitness. It seems a much more convenient idea to have a special folding tap above the stove that can be pulled out and poured into a container that is already on the burner. And then fold it back up again along the wall. It sounds incredible. And it's also incredibly expensive. Let's face it, you won't use this faucet often enough to make the cost of the water supply and installation worth it. It will be physically easy and economically much more feasible to carry a bucket of water a few times. An additional disadvantage: such taps quickly become stained with grease and splashes from the stove and need to be cleaned constantly. Think again, do you really need it?

Built-in screens

The wires from TVs, set-top boxes, and other entertainment systems really look terrible and visually clutter up the interior. But what if you make such multimedia built-in? Screens and speakers hidden in the walls look stylish and futuristic. Until the moment you want to upgrade your equipment. Then you have to tear everything out of the walls, as they say, with meat, and puzzle over how to integrate a new device unobtrusively without redoing the entire renovation if it is, say, of a different size. A wall-mounted screen is another matter. You simply remove it when the time comes and replace it with, for example, a larger one just as easily.

Kitchen island

A well-equipped island in the middle of the kitchen looks like an amateur chef's dream. Everything is at hand, there is enough space on the countertop for all the dishes, there is access from any side, and this area can be luxuriously illuminated. But. In a small kitchen of a city apartment, you cannot place a sufficiently spacious island in any way - it simply will not leave room for passages and the cramped conditions will be catastrophic. If the kitchen is large enough and there is a place to place such a solution, think again about convenience. Are the dishwasher, sink, and food cabinets located under the walls of the room? Then the island will also be an inconvenient solution, because you will have to constantly run from it to these points and endlessly spin back and forth. The classic kitchen layout is classic because it is really convenient.

Hot tub

What could be better than taking a dip in a hot tub after a hard day's work? And this decision really brings its owners incredible pleasure. But right up until the moment when it's time to clean such a bathtub for the first time. You have to clean every single nozzle if you want the device to work well. In addition, mold likes to settle in them. But proper care of the nozzles does not guarantee anything. Such a bathtub is a complex mechanism, and every part of it can break down at the slightest opportunity. Repairs will cost you a lot of money. Not to mention the fact that it costs a lot of money to install such a device. So, in fact, it turns out that instead of relaxing, you will buy yourself a constant source of stress. So maybe you should stick with a regular bubble bath and candles.

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