What happens to your phone if you don't charge it for a long time: You'll be unpleasantly surprised

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How to properly store old smartphones

When we buy a new smartphone, we often put the old one in the closet, knowing that it still works and can be used if necessary. For a long time the phone lies idle, and when you really need to turn it on, you might get an unpleasant surprise.

If you do not use your working smartphone for a long time, it will be deeply discharged, as a result of which it will never turn on again. What will happen to the battery in such a case, OBOZREVATEL figured it out.

Is it possible not to charge your phone for a long time?

Experts say that deep discharging modern lithium-ion batteries can be not only harmful, but also dangerous. Some manufacturers equip batteries with special overdischarge protection. After a long period of inactivity, make sure the battery is in working order and the battery has not swollen up, increasing in size, before turning on the phone. Sometimes a deep discharge entails the emission of gases - such a smartphone should be urgently carried to the service center.

The age of the gadget also matters. For example, it's much easier to turn on a phone that hasn't been used for a year than one that hasn't been used for two years. If the smartphone has already had problems with the battery (frequent discharging, temperature fluctuations, frequent charging cycles), the likelihood that the battery has become faulty and the smartphone will not be able to turn on, increases several times.

According to experts, if the battery voltage indicator drops to 3.2 V (while the norm is 3.6 V), you are unlikely to be able to start the smartphone after a long period of idle time.

How to store old smartphones properly

The old phone should be stored with a charged battery. Choose a safe storage location and avoid temperature extremes. Do not leave your old smartphone near flammable substances.

You should also pay attention to humidity - do not leave your smartphone in places with high levels of moisture.

Periodically check the condition of your smartphone and battery.

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