What flowers should not be planted near vegetable beds: you can even poison yourself

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Sometimes the poisonous parts of the flowers are a problem, and sometimes their size

Flowers in the garden can be more than just a decoration. Some species can help control insect pests and attract pollinators, and some can be grown for use in dishes. But not all flower crops can be beneficial.

As OBOZREVATEL found out, some flowers in contact with vegetables and greens can make crops toxic. Or depress the growth of crops.

Bulb flowers

Some bulb flowers are very toxic. For example, both tulips and daffodils contain harmful alkaloids that can cause symptoms such as seizures, dizziness, and stomach upset. All parts of such plants have a negative effect, but the bulb has the highest concentration of toxins. So don't leave yourself even a chance to mistake the root of a blooming flower for an onion.

Any poisonous species

Some ornamental flowers, although they look spectacular, are very poisonous. These include, for example, delphinium, aconite, foxglove, lily of the valley, oleander. In the flower bed they will not do any harm, although it's better to work with them with gloves on. But if such a beauty grows next to a bed of greenery, the leaf or stem can accidentally be in your salad and cause poisoning. And the poisonous chickpeas even look like an exact copy of the common peas. So it is better to avoid any neighborhood.


These flowers are not dangerous in and of themselves. But they can depress the growth of legume crops such as beans or peas. Therefore, it is better to keep this plant away from beds.


It would seem that these flowers are an agricultural crop in their own right and are both a joy to behold and yield crops. They are also great for attracting insect pollinators. But the problem lies in their height. A plant that grows to two meters tall or more will block the sun to more squat crops. For example, they can ruin the potato crop. But they will be quite appropriate near shade-loving species. For example, rhubarb or mushrooms.

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