What dishes you can't cook in the multicooker: they simply won't work

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These dishes can not be cooked in the multicooker

Multicooker is a very necessary device in the kitchen, which facilitates the preparation of favorite dishes. Ingredients you just need to put in a container, turn on the desired mode and do your business. But not all food can be cooked in this way

FoodOboz editorial staff will tell you which dishes should not be cooked in the multicooker. In a pot or pan will be faster and tastier.



Popcorn cannot be made in the multicooker because the temperature there is insufficient. For popcorn you need 200 degrees. In the multicooker it is no more than 175 degrees.

Frozen vegetables and vegetables that cook quickly

Tender and frozen vegetables cook very quickly. Also, it is very important that the liquid evaporates during cooking. And in the multicooker such food will simply turn into mush.

Pastry with a crispy crust


In the multicooker, baked goods come out wet. Condensation appears on the inside of the lid. And the necessary ventilation is missing. Therefore, you will not get a crispy baked crust.



The main condition for meringue is a dry environment. And the multicooker is very humid. In addition, you have to keep the temperature low. Therefore, it will not be possible to make the meringue crispy.

Dishes with wine in them

In order for the wine to give a nice flavor and aroma to the dish, it must evaporate. And in the multicooker it is impossible, because the dish is cooked under the lid. Therefore, for dishes with wine it is better to choose a pot or a pan.

Porridge with milk


The multicooker has a special mode "porridge". But it is designed for cooking with water. That's because the milk after boiling will just run away. The multicooker will have to wash for a long time and the porridge will not turn out tasty.

French fries

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Crispy fries require a high temperature of over 250 degrees. And even the most powerful multicooker is not capable of this. The vegetable will simply stew and you will not get a delicious golden crust

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