What can be eaten with hands: table etiquette rules

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It is entirely acceptable to eat sushi with your hands, and even preferable to eat fruits

The rules of table etiquette dictate that various dishes should be eaten with cutlery. Moreover, each type of dish has its spoons, forks, and knives that you need to know how to use correctly. Nevertheless, even this approach has some exceptions.

The most common example of such a dish is pizza. It's not customary to cut it with a knife and eat it with a fork; it's better to take slices with your hands. OBOZREVATEL tells you about other dishes that are eaten similarly - without the use of utensils.

Sushi and rolls

Yes, the primary tool for eating sushi is chopsticks, but not exclusively. Japanese food can also be picked up with your hands - this is an acceptable practice. It can also be more convenient for those who find it challenging to use chopsticks. The main rule is to avoid using a fork in any case.

French fries

This popular side dish should be eaten without the use of utensils. Take each piece with your bare hands and gently dip it into the sauce if desired.

Crayfish, lobsters, shrimps

The approach to eating seafood is also variable. For instance, shrimp cooked with tails are eaten with hands, but peeled shrimp are typically eaten with a fork. To eat crayfish and lobsters, tongs are used to crack the shells, and a special long fork is used to extract meat from the narrow and deep parts of the lobster. However, in general, they are disassembled by hand.


Small poultry parts, such as wings or ribs, are typically eaten with the hands. Partridges, quails, and grouse are also consumed using hands. Larger pieces and other poultry and game are consumed using utensils.


Similar to French fries, this vegetable is picked up with your hands and dipped into a sauce before being placed in your mouth. If the stalk is substantial, it is acceptable to cut it into pieces on the plate.

Fruits and berries

Any sweet fruit with stems or stalks is usually eaten with your bare hands. However, blackberries, raspberries, and other berries without stems that can stain your clothes with their juice should be carefully eaten with a spoon.


As a restaurant dish, pilaf is typically eaten with a fork. However, traditionally, the nomads of Asia who invented it did not use cutlery and simply took pinches of rice and meat. Moreover, all the cooked pilaf was poured onto one large plate from which the entire family ate.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL told how the etiquette rules regulate the consumption of food on the street and in public places.

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