What are the smallest cats: photos of cute breeds

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A miniature cat looks and acts like a kitten all his life

A house cat is one of the smallest in size members of the feline family. These creatures please their owners by the fact that all their life they look like cubs - a big head with huge eyes, a frail build. But even among them there are the most miniature creatures that evoke tender feelings just by their appearance, because they remain kittens inside and outside until their old age.

OBOZREVATEL tells about these mini-kittens. And about the peculiarities of their health and character.



Singapore cats were specially bred as the smallest domestic cats. Males of this breed are rarely larger than 3 kg, females have a weight of 2 kg. Animals have a light cream color and large round eyes. By nature, Singaporeans are playful and affectionate creatures, devoid of aggression. They get attached to the whole family and get along well with children and other animals.



The distinctive feature of this relatively new breed is short legs. This feature developed naturally in them and seemed very cute to breeders. Munchkin males weigh about 3-4 kg, while females weigh 2-3 kg. These cats adore people and are happy to keep their owners company everywhere. And they also have excellent health and live a long life.



The name of this breed is translated from Italian as "child". It is an experimental type of cat, bred from crossing munchkins with sphynxes. Bambinos have no fur and boast short paws and large ears. An adult individual rarely grows more than 3.5 kg. Such cats are so patient that even during moving they do not give troubles to their owners. At the same time they are very affectionate. The only inconvenience, and that is relative, arose due to the lack of hair of the breed. Therefore, you have to carefully care for the skin of bambino and make sure that the cat does not freeze, dress it and carry it in your arms.



Another rare hybrid breed that was bred by crossing the American Curl and the Munchkin. The result is short-legged cats with bent-up ears. The average weight of a Kinkalow ranges from 1.5 to 3 kilograms. By temperament, they are friendly, playful and very tame. But they don't run very fast, so it is better to keep them at home and not to let them go for a walk in the street.



Another descendant of the Munchkins, this time in tandem with Persian cats. In addition to their short-toedness, they got fluffy and soft fur. And also the phlegmatic nature of Persians, which, in the case of Napoleons, turned into an absolute defenselessness. So this breed is only suitable for love, to which it will gladly reciprocate. Cat Napoleon grows to a maximum of 3 kg, the cat - up to 2.5 kg.

Devon Rex


These little cats boast curly hair and giant ears, for which they are called elf cats. Devon Rex cats are somewhat larger than other miniature breeds, but still very rarely reach a weight of more than 4.5 kg. They are very intelligent creatures, which can even be trained. They are very playful, and also quite tame, because because of the very short hair without undercoat they are constantly freezing.

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