What are the slits in the neck of the oil bottle for: the answer is not obvious

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The mysterious slots have a quite utilitarian purpose

Apparently, opening a new bottle of oil, you have more than once wondered why they close it with a plastic cap with a ring, under which there is a cork with slots. Usually such elements are not just decorative and have quite a specific purpose. And here, these slits do not affect the use of the product.

OBOZREVATEL found out why the bottle of oil needs these mysterious slits. This is really a convenient device that makes the use of the product more efficient.

The fact is that many recipes require only a few drops of vegetable fat for cooking, and it is not easy to pour such a small amount of liquid from a bottle opened in the usual way. Therefore, a dispenser is required for the product.

It is to hold the dispenser inside that these slots are made on the stopper of the oil bottle. It clings to these protrusions and further helps to pour a small amount of product exactly where it needs to go and not contaminate the bottle itself. It's better to choose metal models because they're easy to keep and easy to care for. Such a dispenser is easy to remove from an empty bottle and move to a new bottle.

Some people try to install a stopper from the bottle into these slots, but it does not work very well. And such a stopper does not hold firmly at all, unlike the dispenser.

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