What affects the life expectancy of a dog: scientists have revealed the secret

A dog's longevity is influenced by its environment and its genes. Source: Pexels

Owners want their dogs to live longer because they are part of the family. Therefore, owners often think about the longevity of a pet.

Dogs live up to 15 years on average, and various social and physical factors influence this. The scientific journal Evolution, Medicine & Public Health published a study by scientists on this issue.

U.S. scientists surveyed pet owners about how dogs typically spend their day, their living conditions, what they eat, and whether they visit the vet often.

Longevity is influenced by a dog's genes. Researchers identified five key factors in a pet's social environment - neighborhood well-being, family income, time with children and other animals, and owner age.

It turned out that in families with financial and domestic difficulties the animals were healthier and more mobile, and communication with relatives and close family friends had a positive impact on their well-being.

One of the key factors affecting a pet's longevity is the opportunity to socialize with other dogs. This is much more important to them than expensive food or the availability of toys.

Animal health was better in families without children or with only one or two children, but in large families, the overall condition of the pet was worse.

Researchers also found a correlation between family income and the frequency of illness in dogs. Wealthy owners may take their pet to the vet more often, while lower-income families pay little attention to their dog's health, so they get sick more often.

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