Whale "Hunting": Where to go to admire the graceful creatures of the sea

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Best locations for whale watching


Large and graceful... That's how you can describe the most enormous creatures in the history of mankind - whales. Every year thousands of people go on specialized tours to see with their own eyes the sea inhabitants, almost disappeared in the last century because of the whalers. Read in the selection of OBOZREVATEL, where you can see these giants now.



In spring, sperm whales begin to migrate between the Spanish islands of Tenerife and La Gomera. At this time, the probability of encountering whales increases tenfold. However, these giants can be seen here at other times of the year. In particular, Biscayan and gray whales and black dolphins swim here almost constantly.

In addition, and in other regions of Spain are widespread so-called "whale safari". In the east of the country, such as Cabo de Palos, Cabo de Gata, Denia and Javea, this business flourishes almost without stopping or any seasonality.



In Northern Iceland is a very popular tourist town Husavik. It is rightly called the European "whale capital". It is from here that more excursion ferries and yachts depart in search of marine mammals.

The highest season for whale hunting in this country lasts from mid-May to late September. During this time, sea giants can be seen even from the shore. If you were not able to meet these beauties, then we advise you to visit the only museum in the world devoted to them. There are models of these animals, holograms and various interactive panels.


The Azores

Orcas, sperm whales, blue whales and fin whales pass by the Azores all year long. The chance of encountering them in this part of the world exceeds 90%. But people come here not to look at the sea animals from afar, but to swim with them.

From June to October, Piku Island has an unusual attraction for tourists - diving with whale watching. The underwater world here is very rich, because for quite a long time, fishing in this region was prohibited.



There are whales off the coast of Norway all year round. And it's not because there is a migration route through the local sea. Not at all! It's just that the waters there are rich in herring, which orcas and sperm whales love so much. And the sea temperature is very comfortable here almost all the time.

Most suitable for "safari" are the Lofoten Islands, washed by the Gulf Stream. The rocky shoreline is not very convenient for observing marine animals, but from here you can take a boat ride away from land and see how whales hunt their prey.


Canary Islands.

The "islands of eternal spring," as the Canaries are often called, are ideal for whale watching. Here you can see the largest of them - the sperm whale, fin whale and blue whale. Interestingly, they stay here throughout the year and do not migrate during the colder seasons, because there simply aren't any.

Just like in the Azores, in the Canaries the chances of seeing marine mammals are over 90%. And there are plenty of other beautiful animals like dolphins and giant turtles to be seen on almost every dive.



Not many people know about it, but it is in California that the chances of meeting a blue whale are the highest. But interestingly enough, tourists don't come here for the blue whale.

Many gray whales, the friendliest of all sea giants, live off the coast of this state. They are not afraid of people and sometimes even allow themselves to be touched. It seems as if they enjoy being watched by hundreds of tourists.

According to U.S. biologists, since 2014, the Gulf of California has been home to the largest number of whales in history. They are especially numerous here from late February to early April.



From early March to late October, the view from the shores of Vancouver Island is incredible. Hundreds of whales migrate past this spot, releasing high water fountains. They move leisurely and gracefully along their long-established route in long-established lines.

To get a better look at them, you can use a tourist boat. It sails so close to the marine mammals that it seems you can touch them with your hands.


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