"We have to be prepared for the worst": Ukrainians told what needs to be done before the start of winter

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Will there be outages
Will there be outages

If Russia does not attack Ukrainian energy facilities this winter, there is a chance to get through the heating season without blackouts. However, shelling could change the situation, so Ukrenergo is preparing for any scenario, including the most negative ones. Household consumers are advised to check their generators and power banks, and if they do not have them, to buy them, as well as to find out where the nearest uninterruptible power supply points are located.

This was stated by Volodymyr Kudrytskyi, CEO of Ukrenergo. "If we take the scenario without attacks, we understand how to cover the increased winter consumption. However, the shelling can greatly change the situation. We must be prepared for the worst-case scenario - a repeat of last year's missile and drone attacks against the power system," he said.

In particular, power engineers are already preparing backup power supply schemes for consumers. In addition, they continue to order equipment so that in case of damage, "they can get new autotransformers from abroad without waiting 8-9 months, as it was last year."

"Starting in November, there will be a cold snap and, consequently, an increase in consumption. It can be mitigated by consuming electricity more economically. We have talked about this a lot. The second thing is to be prepared in terms of everyday life: check generators and electricity storage devices. If possible, insulate your home and find out where there is an invincibility point nearby. Simple things that will help you feel more confident. It is not a fact that the shelling will be as massive as last year, but we need to be prepared for the worst," Kudrytskyi emphasized.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, Ukraine has developed schedules of power outages that can be applied from October 1. However, this does not mean that Ukrainians will necessarily be cut off from that date. The schedules will only come into effect in the event of new Russian attacks on the energy infrastructure.

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