An unexpected life hack for a good night's sleep has been revealed

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Sometimes a healthy night's sleep becomes an unattainable goal due to problems, stress, and other factors. A person starts tossing and turning and even counting sheep to finally "switch off" and watch dreams, but such methods do not always work. There is a life hack that will help you get precious hours of sleep. It consists in cleaning.

According to experts, a free and tidy bedroom promotes normal sleep, writes Wales Online. However, clutter can overstimulate the brain, making it difficult for it to "switch off."

Among the main tips from experts is a clean flat surface: in the closet, on the table, on the floor.

"Having a tidy and peaceful place to sleep helps homeowners doze off when they go to bed, and they wake up feeling rested and ready to face the day," said bedroom specialist Nick Shacklock.

A girl sleeping in bed.

He noted that cleaning out a bedroom is not a five-minute affair.

"It's something that takes time and a bit of a ruthless streak to part with things you no longer wear, want, or need. Our advice is to start small. Simply making your bed and cleaning up anything on flat surfaces is a great start and will make an immediate difference," he added.

The girl fell asleep in bed.

Nick has identified five rules that will help you fall asleep quickly and wake up refreshed:

  • Make your bed every day.
  • Clean up flat surfaces.
  • Remove unwanted furniture that you don't use.
  • Go through your wardrobe, literally sort it out if you don't wear it and don't intend to.
  • Remove unnecessary jewelry, accessories, and interior elements so that the bedroom does not seem cluttered.

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