Towels will be soft and smell good: one ingredient will change the way you wash

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Vinegar will help to restore fluffiness and a pleasant smell to towels

White vinegar can be used almost anywhere in the home to clean. But it can also take your laundry to the next level. For example, try its power on towels that have become stiff.

According to cleanliness experts, washing with vinegar can restore softness to bath textiles. OBOZ.UA tells how to use it for this purpose.

What is the power of vinegar?

White vinegar is an alcohol solution of acetic acid. Two of its key properties can be useful in washing. The first is to dissolve mineral salts that are present in hard water and which can settle on the fibers of the fabric. This is perhaps the main reason why towels become prickly. The second is the ability to kill bacteria. They are the ones that provoke the appearance of a musty odor that can develop in towels due to constant dampness. At the same time, vinegar has no water-repellent effect. It is this effect that helps factory air conditioners make fabrics softer, but it also disrupts the hygroscopicity of towels, making them less functional.

How to use vinegar in the laundry?

To use vinegar during the wash, add it to the drum before loading the laundry. If the towels are very stiff, you need to add 250 ml, otherwise 150 ml is sufficient. Use your regular detergent as usual - in the appropriate tray. There should be no vinegar odor after this cycle.

You do not need to add vinegar with each wash. The acid can damage the fabric quickly. The product will be effective only if you use it when needed. Otherwise, you can use half of the dose of fabric softener recommended by the manufacturer. This will be enough.

You can finish washing with vinegar by tumble drying the towels. It will make them extra fluffy. However, you shouldn't tumble dry your towels every time either. This can cause the fibers to clump and make them stiffer.

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