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The islands in Florida are the perfect place for a pleasant vacation surrounded by picturesque nature. There are cozy beaches and nature preserves, authentic architecture, and fine dining restaurants. It's up to you to choose where you want to go this time. To help you decide, here's a little guide to the best islands to visit in Florida, TravelWise says.

1. Anna Maria Island.

At the mouth of Tampa Bay is Anna Maria Island, famous for its picturesque beaches and luxury resorts. There are many stores, restaurants and cafes where you can eat delicious food and relax.

Tourists are attracted by the original architecture, suggestive of "old Florida", and the lack of high-rise buildings.

Water lovers take kayaking trips and enjoy the charm of the mangroves around the island. If you wish, you can go to the local Historical Museum with many interesting exhibits.

Many travelers come here just to admire the stunning sunsets. You can move from one beach to another by special transport.

2. Sanibel Island.

Nestled in the Gulf of Mexico, Sanibel is one of the most beautiful islands in Florida. You are always attracted by the beautiful beaches with their tranquil atmosphere. There are lots of areas with soft sand and shallow nearby areas suitable for swimming.

Shells are given special attention on the island. Along with the beaches of Fort Myers, Sanibel traditionally hosts National Shell Day. The exquisite beauty of "clam houses" can be enjoyed at the Bailey-Methouse National Shellfish Museum.

Vacationers love to stroll along the cozy walkways with lush palm trees. It's such a pleasure to admire the charm of the local landscapes and birdwatching. The nature reserves with pristine nature are especially gorgeous.

If you wish, you can rent bicycles, go kayaking or sailing. Many enjoy fishing or archery - it all depends on personal preference.


3. Key West

Many travelers are attracted to the southern point of the United States, Key West Island. It's warm all year round, so tourists come here in both summer and winter. A must-see is the Great Florida Reef, with its vibrant marine life.

Mallory Square is so nice to enjoy western sunsets and live music that touches the delicate strings of the soul. There are spectacular open-air performances every evening. Travelers don't miss an opportunity to visit Ernest Hemingway's house or stroll through Harry Truman's Little White House.

4. Santa Rosa Island

If you're looking for a picturesque white sand beach surrounded by clear turquoise waters, Santa Rosa is the perfect place for you. One of the best islands to visit in Florida invites you to stroll along comfortable walking paths and have colorful photo shoots.

Vacationers enjoy visiting the beaches of Pensacola, Opal and Elgin Matterhorn. Tourists are amazed by the historic fort with its significant cannons. From here you can enjoy amazing views of the vast sky and the velvety water surface.

The Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park offers spectacular shows with dolphins, stingrays and sharks. Along the coast, there are plenty of stores and restaurants with gourmet menus.

The Margaritaville Beach Hotel Pensacola, which is within walking distance of the beach, invites you to relax. There is a pool, a restaurant, a beach bar where you can quench your thirst with a fragrant drink, and a gift store.

5. Marco Island

Do you want to relax on the white sand and enjoy the charm of the endless ocean? An interesting option is Marco Island in Florida. It is located near the legendary Naples. Marco's South Beach is such a pleasure to admire beautiful sunsets. On Tigertail Beach, you can find shells of all sizes and the most bizarre shapes.

6. Siesta Key

Siesta Key is an amazing Florida island with a fantastic energy. If you prefer lively places with white sand and comfortable volleyball courts, head here. Siesta Key is on the list of the brightest and most beautiful islands in Florida.

Sarasota Beach is great for relaxing. If you're into rich marine life, visit Point of Rocks Beach. There are comfortable snorkeling areas here. Fans of all things unusual and exotic enjoy visiting Salt and Pepper Beach, which is just south of Shell Beach.

The island's infrastructure is well developed, making it one of the top 10 islands in Florida. There are stores, bars and gourmet restaurants. In the nightclub you can dance to the rhythms of incendiary music.

Siesta Village has an art gallery with paintings by talented painters and an Art Museum. You can enjoy the beauty of local landscapes while traveling around the island on a special vehicle.

Kayaking and dolphin watching, snorkeling and jet skiing will make your vacation bright and fulfilling. Sea Lab Siesta Key invites you to experience a shocking variety of wildlife.

7. Amelia Island

A quiet haven for a pleasant vacation, Amelia Island is considered one of the best islands in Florida. It should not be ignored because there are luxury resorts here. Travelers should wander the streets of Fernandina Beach with its attractive architecture, stores and welcoming restaurants in fishing cottages. Everyone will find something to do here, whether it's swimming, boating or sightseeing.

The island's 200-acre state park, with its salt marshes and mysterious salt marshes, is a must-see. Amelia is considered the home of shrimp farming, and a colorful festival celebrating the popular sea shellfish is regularly held here.

8. Gasparilla Island

At the mouth of Charlotte Harbor is the small island of Gasparilla. Its main treasure is its luxurious white sand beaches. Here you can get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in harmony with nature. Slow walks along the picturesque coast leave a bright mark on the soul of the island's guests.

Hotel Little Gasparilla offers travelers a great vacation near the cozy beach. In summer, sea turtles nest here. On Boca Grande beach you can enjoy panoramic views of the endless ocean. For unforgettable evening promenades and seabird watching, cycling is ideal. Gasparilla is rightfully considered one of Florida's best islands to visit.


9. Hutchinson Island.

Hutchinson Island, stretching from Stuart to Fort Pierce, aptly epitomizes pristine natural charm and developed infrastructure. Tourists love its white beaches. Vacationers go SUP surfing or walk the island's orderly streets.

There are stores and restaurants with appetizing cuisine, museums and water parks. Water enthusiasts kayak, and outdoor enthusiasts play golf or learn to surf.

10. Key Biscayne Island

Key Biscayne Island welcomes travelers to the tranquil, milky white sand beaches and the recreational area at Cape Bill. Here you can kayak, snorkel, rollerblade or ride bicycles. If you wish, you can climb the lighthouse, which offers fascinating views of the local landscape and observe the behavior of seabirds.

11. Miami Beach

Sparkling with lights, Miami Beach is located in the Atlantic Ocean in Biscayne Bay. It ranks among the most popular islands in Florida. Tourists are attracted by chic hotels and restaurants VIP level. Vacationers have a great time at the beach resorts and enjoy the island's busy nightlife.

Against the backdrop of Art Deco architecture and colorful Miami murals come out especially juicy photos. Travelers get a sea of positivity at the Museum of Illusions, admire exotic plants in the Botanical Garden or touch the beautiful Perez Art Museum.

12. Palm Beach

Palm Beach Island is one of the best islands in Florida. It always welcomes visitors, offering relaxation on the beach or in a luxury hotel near the ocean. Here you can visit the endangered animal zoo and the planetarium at the Science Center.

We hope we've helped you figure out where to spend your next weekend or vacation with family and friends. Islands in Florida are a dream come true. Do you agree with us?

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