They won't go to their owner's lap: What cat breeds constantly ignore people

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Bengals and Maine Coons love their owners, but from a distance

When we take a cat home, we always hope that he will be affectionate, will be happy to come to our hands and purr loudly when he is stroked. As a rule, this is true, but it often turns out that the cat prefers to be an independent creature and is reluctant to make contact. This is especially true for members of several breeds.

OBOZREVATEL gathered five of these types of cats. Do not even try to sit them on your arms.

Bengal cat

In the very near past, the ancestor of this magnificent animal was a wild Bengal cat, which is why representatives of the breed still retain such a high level of independence. Bengals are very active, they prefer active games and observation from a distance. Buy such a cat a lot of toys and encourage him to play, so he will be happy with you and may someday come to be with you himself. It happens to them too.

Scottish fold

It is a calm, dignified creature. Scots are poised, intelligent and simply adore complex toys, which are a challenge to their intellect. They are very attached to people, give their whole heart to their owners, and may even become depressed after a long separation. But in order to feel closeness to their human, the Scottish Fold needs a certain distance.

Maine Coon

The patience of fluffy giants has no limit. Maine Coon can be a great family cat, because he can calmly tolerate even the active pranks of children. But it will be a demonstration of patience, not affectionality. Of its own volition, the big cat is more likely to lie down next to you and will hypnotize you with its expressive gaze, rather than try to lie down on your lap. However, they have nothing against stroking their luxurious coat.

British Shorthair

A peculiarity of the breed is its propensity for vocalizations. The repertoire of Brits includes a lot of sounds, including very loud ones. So be prepared for the fact that when you try to take the stuffed cat in your arms, he will yell at you. When you hear the warning immediately let the animal go. It will quickly calm down and go to its favorite place, somewhere nearby where you can watch people doing their business.

Persian cat

Cats of this breed are not just quiet - they can be called the biggest phlegmatics among all domestic purrs. They are quite patient with hair care procedures - combing and even bathing. But they will not go to the hands without their own will. Persians are shy, so they will keep a certain distance even from their own owners, let alone strangers. These are cats loved with their eyes.

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