They will be like new even after a hundred washes: how to keep towels soft

Towels often lose their softness after washing. Source: Pexels

Kitchen towels get dirty quickly and lose their softness and beautiful appearance. Grease stains are difficult to remove, and after repeated washing, they become hard and no longer pleasant to the touch.

However, you can preserve the quality of your towels instead of constantly buying new ones. OBOZREVATEL has collected tips from oriental housewives that will help maintain the good condition of the fabric.

For example, Japanese women use vinegar, which is familiar to us, to soften the product.

To do this, take 200 ml of table vinegar and dilute it with 10 liters of water. Pour it into the fabric softener compartment of your washing machine and run any program. But do not wash other items with the towels, as clothing fasteners, buttons, and zippers can tear the fabric.

You should not wring and dry towels in the washing machine, but rather do it yourself. The automatic mode reduces the quality of the product.

An ordinary rubber ball with spikes will also help you quickly remove lint from terry towels during washing. Put it in the towels and start the machine.

And if you wash by hand, soak the towels in the solution mentioned above for one hour. Then rinse them in soapy water and rinse them under running water.

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