They love comfort and routine: the laziest zodiac sign has been named

Representatives of these signs know how not to overload themselves with work

Sometimes you look at a person whose work is literally on fire and wonder why it's so hard for you to get off the pillow in the morning. Part of the reason for our passion for work is the zodiac sign we were born under. Some people want constant movement and achievements, while others like to lie on the couch in comfort.

Astrologers have named six signs that prefer passive rest and are ready to skip some of the tasks at the slightest opportunity. They are ranked in order from those who are a little slow in completing tasks to those who are completely lazy.


This sign is known for its thirst for speed. All Aries needs in life is to outperform others. But they can also be surprisingly lazy. The clue is that Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of action, but these actions often occur in short, intense bursts. Between such bursts, the sign's representatives need to recharge. That's why they can fall into a slumber and lock themselves away at home. However, as soon as Aries has had enough rest, they are ready to rush back into action.


This is another sign whose laziness often goes unnoticed. This "feline" sign is endowed with such cat traits as a love of naps and relaxation. Although they are happy to bestow their charisma on the world, when they achieve their goals, they like to lie down on the couch and enjoy the fruits of their success. And beware, Leo can use his charisma to dump some of his work on you.


Although those born under this sign prefer a fast-paced lifestyle, you can't always rely on Sagittarius to achieve a common goal. This is because of their tendency to avoid routine tasks. They simply do not match their dreamy spirit. In search of excitement, those born under this constellation can apply their enthusiasm selectively. Therefore, if you ask a Sagittarius to complete a task or job that they don't find rewarding, they will likely find a way to avoid doing it.


Most likely, you will not see a person born under this sign working overtime. Cancers feel happier in an environment where deep emotional connections can be formed. Therefore, they won't work hard to move up the career ladder. They will simply find a comfortable position and do everything they need to do within it in good faith. Those born under this constellation never get tired of taking care of their loved ones, but working in an office environment can tire them out. But if you entrust Cancer with something that will bring benefit and joy to others, they will take on this task with enthusiasm.


This sign is too busy dreaming to worry about the tasks they have to perform in real life. That's why Pisces doesn't like things that distract them from inner contemplation, introspection, listening to music, reading books, watching movies, and meditation. And what could be more painful to pull out of the imaginary world than boring work tasks and household chores? That's why Pisces often forget to do what they promised or make only half the effort to complete things quickly.


If you look at the ruling planet of this sign, you'll understand why it can be called lazy. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of pleasure. That's why they like to immerse themselves in comfort, lock themselves in a pleasant environment, and not go outside. This is how Taurus behave in the workplace. The only exception to this rule is if they find a career they really like. Then they are ready to put their heart and soul into their work. Also, representatives of the sign can be motivated by money, as it is difficult to afford all these little joys of life without a stable financial income.

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