They can lose their shape: what items are best not to leave on a hanger

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Hangers are a convenient way to store clothing, but it is not suitable for all items

Beautifully hung on hangers in a well-lit dressing room is the perfect Instagram picture that almost everyone dreams of. However, in reality, not all things are suitable for storage on such hangers.

OBOZREVATEL figured out what types of things are best stored on shelves. They can lose their shape or get damaged on hangers.


Anything that has a knitwear structure - be it thin T-shirts or knitted sweaters - should not be stored hanging. Such fabric stretches and deforms quickly.

Heavy items

Winter clothes and heavy, bulky items also lose their shape from hanging. It is most convenient to store them in vacuum bags. This way, moths won't get to items with natural filler. They will also take up less space in such packaging.


Sports and outdoor clothing is designed to keep you in shape and not hinder your movements. They will stretch and sag on hangers, and technological fibers will lose their properties over time. Therefore, thermal underwear, workout tops and shorts, leggings, yoga pants, and similar items should be stored on shelves.


In the store, such items look very nice on hangers. But it is important to understand that they are in this state before they are worn and take on the shape of the body. And this does not last long. If you store panties, bras, and tops in this way, they will quickly deform. It is better to set aside a special drawer for them. You can also put a scented sachet in it to keep things not only well stored but also pleasantly scented.

Richly decorated clothes

Items with active decorations, such as beads, sequins, or embroidery, are best stored folded in linen covers. This will provide additional protection for sewn or glued elements.

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