They always know how to jab: the four most sarcastic zodiac signs

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The four most sarcastic zodiac signs

Perhaps everyone has a friend or acquaintance who can throw a jab or show sarcasm in different situations. For them, it's a normal style of communication, but for someone else, it's offensive. This behavior depends not only on a person's upbringing or character but also on the sign under which they were born.

You shouldn't take sarcastic statements as a manifestation of something bad from the four zodiac signs. Astrologers have compiled a list that will help you understand more about this.


Virgo is one of those zodiac signs that can judge others through behavior or statements, so it's not surprising to hear sarcastic comments from them. Virgos prefer to communicate with people who are also sarcastic because others may not understand them and take offense. Usually, Virgos don't do it with bad intentions; it's just their nature.


People born under this sign always know what to say and how to tease others. They notice the smallest details that can be laughed at. They are ruled by Mars, the planet of war, so they have no problem hurting someone, perhaps even with offensive jokes. If any sign will attack with sarcastic remarks, it will be Scorpio. Do not say anything to someone you know that offends you and puts you in an awkward position.


Gemini's sarcasm is mostly humorous and rarely has a judgmental or angry meaning. They are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, so Gemini is funny and witty and can make even the most serious people laugh. If you have such friends, you're lucky because they can lighten a dull atmosphere with just one joke.


This is a sensitive and sweet sign, but it can also be sarcastic. Even the kindest people have a dark side, and for Cancer, it's sarcasm. In a joking way, they can tease and offend a person without even realizing it. Their sarcastic jokes are usually not aimed at offending others but at making people laugh. Because Cancers are overly sensitive, they may regret their words if you tell them how you feel.

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