There is always a way out: what can replace baking parchment

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Baking without parchment is not so fantastic if you know a few life hacks

Baking parchment is a very handy material that comes in handy not only for making desserts. It prevents the dish from burning and makes it more juicy. But what to do when you run out of parchment or simply don't have the necessary roll at hand?

Experienced chefs know how to cope with such a situation. OBOZ.UA asked about life hacks for such a situation. In fact, it is not so difficult to replace parchment.

Even ordinary clean office paper can save the dish if you carefully coat it with oil. Oiled tracing paper will also work, but it is not so easy to find and is quite expensive. You can also stock up on paper bags, which are used in stores to pack various baked goods. They are made of food parchment, which is quite suitable for this use.

A silicone mat is another good alternative to parchment. You can form a dough dish on it and put it in the oven right away. However, you should make sure that the mat is heat-resistant beforehand. Then you just need to grease the surface and put the ingredients on it.

As for baking foil, it can be used, but with some care. Doughy foods should only be placed on greased foil, while meat, fish, or vegetables should be placed directly on the foil. Put the food on the glossy part of the foil, because the matte part can oxidize during cooking and this will affect the taste of the dish.

If you don't have any of the above at hand, you can put the dough on a breading - grease a baking sheet generously and sprinkle it liberally with semolina or breadcrumbs. This layer will then be quite easy to remove from the pastry if it burns a little.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA told you how to use foil for baking - the main secrets are not known to everyone.

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