The unusual period of the White Moon has begun: what it is and which signs will be most affected

Horoscope for all signs

The White Moon or Selene occupies a unique place in astrology. Selene is considered to be the conventional point in the Moon's orbit that is closest to the Earth - this term is also known as perigee.

In astrology, Selene has a deep meaning because it is associated with the protection of guardian angels. Symbolizing values and virtues, the White Moon will fill everyone with light, blessings, and positive energy. From November 15 to June 14, 2024, Selene will form a favorable connection with Jupiter, the most "friendly" and influential planet. The cosmic alignment, which will take place in December 2023 and April 2024, has the potential to improve life, fill it with harmony and prosperity.


You may experience setbacks or losses in the financial sphere, but don't panic. Oddly enough, these problems can reveal unforeseen opportunities. This period requires a change in self-perception and the development of a healthier sense of self-esteem. An important victory is just around the corner.


The main focus in life will shift to reputation and image. You may encounter some difficulties, but don't worry, as this will ultimately lead to strong support from someone in a position of influence. This period can also affect your relationships. Lonely Taurus can meet someone who will love and appreciate them.


Get ready to dive deep into your subconscious and explore your spiritual self. Issues you've been avoiding or fears that have remained in the shadows are likely to surface during this phase. See them as opportunities for growth and self-discovery. Allow yourself to embrace this transformational period and listen to your intuition.


There may be some disagreements with loved ones that will lead to moments of frustration, but don't overreact to it. You will meet a special person who will help you realize your material ambitions. It's time to develop new relationships and expand your social circle.


Some difficulties may arise in your professional life. However, do not lose hope, because in the end, everything will turn out even better than you expected. New exciting projects and important responsibilities await you in your career. Get ready for a fresh start on June 14, when you'll start a brand new project that will come with a generous salary.


You'll get bored in your daily routine. Take the chance to go on a trip that will expand your horizons and vision of the world. This period also has the potential to increase your income. You will be able to afford to make ambitious purchases, such as real estate.


Life will seem like a hardship, but don't lose faith. The bright presence of the White Moon will guide you through these trials. There will be unexpected financial gains, such as a high bonus, a reward for creativity, or an unexpected inheritance. The money will help you get through difficult times.


In matters of love and partnership, there may be some obstacles to overcome. But don't worry, as the White Moon acts as a protector, limiting you from the influence of negative events and toxic personalities. In early summer, get ready for the possible blossoming of a new and exciting love story.


You may encounter problems related to your physical well-being or relationships with colleagues, but don't be afraid, as the guiding light of the White Moon will help you find effective solutions. Stay open to new opportunities that may arise in your career. This will potentially lead to positive changes.


Be prepared for challenges in your personal life. Romance will take a backseat, and your relationships will be tested by loyalty. The White Moon has the potential to unfold a new love story or to profoundly change your perspective on existing relationships. Financial stability will provide a sense of security and peace of mind.


You may face difficulties regarding your living situation or property, but rest assured that things will improve over time. Unexpected opportunities or an influential person will appear. You will get the support you need to successfully resolve your real estate issues. Embrace these changes as they hold the potential for positive change in your life.


Issues related to travel and documents will come to the fore. There may be obstacles related to documentation and finances. However, don't lose hope as the White Moon will lend its guiding influence to help you overcome these difficulties. You have the potential to successfully complete an important project on June 14. Stay focused and keep a positive attitude.

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