The place in the plane where your neighbor will never be a crying child is named

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Children may find it difficult to endure the flight

Sometimes, babies and toddlers have a hard time flying on an airplane. They may experience ear pain during takeoff and landing, pressure drops, and, in general, flying is very stressful for a child. Most airplane passengers are sympathetic to the situation when someone's baby starts crying and screaming.

However, this can significantly disrupt the trip and affect your well-being, especially if the flight is long. If you are planning a trip and want to book a seat where parents with small children do not usually sit, The Sun has some tips for you.

Passengers who are accustomed to regular flights have noticed that there are usually no kids in seats located near the emergency exit.

Therefore, by booking a seat near the door, there is a good chance of avoiding being next to children. One traveler explained that toddlers are "not allowed" to sit in the rows near the emergency exit.

By booking such a seat, you will have another advantage - you can recline the seat and fly in a more comfortable position.

Experienced people also advise reserving two middle seats - one in the row near the exit and one behind it if you are traveling as a couple. Since children cannot sit near the exit, and parents will want to sit next to their kids, you are guaranteed to have "child-free" seats.

You can also book a seat near the exit at the end of the cabin or where the cabin changes classes.

According to the stewardess, it is also not recommended to book seats on the partition wall - although they offer extra legroom, they are also popular with families because it is the only place for cradles.

If you can choose a flight, choose a night flight, as some families, especially those with small children, prefer to fly during daylight hours.

Of course, you can also book first-class seats if your financial situation allows it.

In any case, you should take noise-canceling headphones on the plane.

Interestingly, some airlines are adding new features to help passengers avoid children during the flight. For example, Japan Airlines has released a new map showing where babies will sit on the plane.

AirAsia has quiet zones where only passengers over the age of ten are allowed, and Scoot Airlines has seats in the front of the plane that are off-limits to children under the age of 12. The low-cost carrier Scoot also has a separate "no children" zone.

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