The house will be clean and you will not get tired: how the 20/10 cleaning method works

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Cleaning rules

Regular cleaning is the key to a clean and tidy home. It's not just about aesthetics: some surfaces can become real breeding grounds for bacteria if they are not cleaned in time.

Everyone establishes a comfortable mode and schedule for cleaning. The experts at NBC News suggested trying the 20/10 method. It is not suitable for emergency cases, when the order in the house should be brought in a short time, but it will be useful if you have a long weekend, which you can devote to cleaning.

Rule 20/10

Cleaning expert and author of "You're Better Than Your Mess" Rachel Hoffman advises against not to get carried away with so-called marathon cleaning.

The 20/10 rule is to take short breaks between chores: 20 minutes to clean, 10 minutes to rest.

"Set a timer and start cleaning. When the timer beeps, you should just stop and switch to another task. You can read the news on social media, have a cup of tea, take the dog for a walk or do a face mask. Then, after resting, you go back to cleaning," Rachel suggested.

The name 20/10 is arbitrary. You can set any intervals you want: 30/15, 15/5, etc.

"Your house will be clean and you won't feel exhausted and tired in the process. Plus, you'll have time to do lots of extra things or even take care of yourself by setting aside some time for beauty treatments," Rachel noted.

The basic essence of the method is also to focus on the little things. First you have to make the bed, cook breakfast, wash dishes, wipe off the dust, and so on down the list.

The basis of quality cleaning is systematic and regular. Experts advise not to go to another room without cleaning the first, as well as to start and to finish cleaning in one place in the room (the principle of the circle).

By the way, there is a difference between tidiness and cleanliness. You can wash dishes, wipe off dust and shiny surfaces, but scattered  things like cups on the table and toys on the floor make a room unkempt to look at. OBOZREVATEL told you how to make your home always look clean.

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