The harvest will be better: what vegetables should be planted in the shade

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A shaded area for a vegetable garden is not considered a good option. Most vegetables, herbs, and berries feel better in the sun. However, there is a whole list of crops that grow well in the shade.

OBOZREVATEL tells what vegetables can be grown in the shade. And we are talking about the shade in the northern regions, where there really is a noticeable lack of sunlight under the canopy of trees.

Vegetables growing in the shade


Leafy and bobbing vegetables like lettuce, spinach, arugula or sorrel do well in the shade. This way, the soil beneath them retains more moisture, and they stay green longer and don't stain, which is a sign that the plant is aging.


Acidic stems don't need a lot of sunlight to stay juicy. The plant is much more demanding of timely and adequate watering.


In nature, this useful, vitamin- and mineral-rich plant grows in the forest. Squat leaves will feel bad in the sun, so it is better to find the most shaded place for them.


Garlic grown in the shade will be less spicy and tangy, as well as shallower. Such a vegetable is better suited for consumption in raw form.


If you grow this root vegetable not in the sun, it will grow small. However, many cooks point out that it makes beets sweeter, juicier, and has less of a characteristic flavor.

Greens and herbs for growing in the shade


If growing horseradish for leaves, which is used for canning vegetables, it is better to plant it exactly in the shade. The leaves will be juicy and fragrant.

Perennial onions.

Such species as chives or chives in the shade give juicier greens. And these are fairly early species. Chives, however, need to be looked after separately because they tend to overgrow.

Aromatic herbs

If basil needs a lot of suns to develop its famous scent, parsley, mint, lemon balm, thyme, stem celery, coriander, oregano, lovage, and tarragon will open up better if they are grown under trees. But if they are growing under fruit species, they need to be covered with foil when you spray the trees for pests.

Berry bushes that need shade

Cultivated forest berries still need shade and moisture as in their natural environment. Such include cranberry, black chokeberry, blue honeysuckle, and iris.

Many varieties of rosehips also grow and yield better in the shade.

Red and black currants are better suited to the penumbra. These berries like high humidity, which is difficult to achieve in the sun. However, in the shade currants will mature longer and will be more sour.

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